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Twitter + Phone = FREE Twit2tel International(local or anywhere) Voice call and Voice mails

Twitter is the hottest of all online social networks and 140 words microblogging platform, everybody seems to be on Twitter nowadays and is Tweeting his way : )
But we know web world is generally a 'silent' media and many times people here needs to raise their voice, so now you can TALK free or send a FREE voice mail to your Twitter contacts using:
You do not need to have the phone number of the guys on Twitter, to whom you wish to make a FREE call, as this free call app gives each Twitterer its own voicemail! And this voicemail links directly to his account and phone number on Twitter.

It’s all Free, just make a free sign up at via your Twitter > link your phone number with your Twitter user name.

Also ask your Twitter contact(s) {to whom you wish to make a call} to do the same, i.e. to register and link his any phone number with his Twitter user name, as if he will not link his phone number to his Twitter, your phone call will NEVER reach him,
When you wish to make a FREE voice call to your Twitter pals than make a tweet @twit2tel call username or just go to and sign in and fill the twitter user name of the guy you wish to call (not his phone number), than Twit2tel will make you free connect with the username tweeted! (you may also try to make a tweet from your cell phone, if you do not have a Twitter web access at the time),

Free Call (local, overseas or anywhere in the world where the Twitter user lives) are limited only to 4 minutes (do not worry you are free to make any number of calls as you wish) the both of the users should have linked their respective phone numbers to their usernames!

This is especially good for the students community all over the world : ) they can Tweet and make a free anywhere call with their mobile on move,

Also the free voicemails could be heard via Twit2Tel and also could be downloaded, also if someone has not signed into still he will receive the voicemail via a URL / link sent to their Twitter.

This Free International calling works 200+ countries which includes: USA / North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania also includes: USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil, France, Australia, China, and India, UAE(Gulf), Iran, Iraq, Jordan etc.

Everybody on Twitter can use Twit2tel to send FREE voice messages to any Twitterers around the globe and / or make a FREE voice call for 4 minutes duration and these 4 minutes call can be done as many times, (just obey / remember the time zones while making a free voice call as this service really works and is WONDERFUL!),

... and yep this Twitter free calling app really works seamlessly with a EXCELLENT voice call quality followed by a small advert which supports their free calling, I tried it, nice FREE INTERNATIONAL CALL SERVICE via Twitter, I am sure it will make this world go crazy : )

If this free international call service could survive, I can see it as one of the Skype alternate of some kind, as it calls phone to phone for FREE, though using Twitter and it also will work from UAE etc where VOIP is blocked and is in much demand due to high overseas call rates,

thank you by heart, twit2tel team!

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