Free International Calls from UAE & VOIP Blocked Nations: Make Now via Twitter

Great news for the people of UAE / Gulf and all the nations where there is a block on free international SKYPE TO SKYPE calls or such sort of VOIP cheap or free overseas calls are banned,

There is a legitimate way to make unlimited free international call from UAE or VOIP blocked nations, and that’s too, phone to phone, no broadband access ever needed, ANY phone works,

Just you and the person at other side of the call need: a account (it’s free) & any phone number,

This is not the VOIP technology which could be banned anywhere by the national or any telcos, this is a 'Twitter command' voice calling system which uses the Twitter account and all the calls are free to anywhere to anywhere if the persons on the both side of the phones have a twitter a/c,

yeah if the Twitter itself becomes banned in any country than this free call system will cease to work, but still there are the ways to use this free international call service like using via Proxies etc : )

This is NOT illegal anywhere as Twitter is the hottest social media and is legitimate and popular all over the world : ) but you are responsible always to obey and know the land laws of your respective countries,

The call and the voice quality is good, the limit of each call is only 4 minutes and after that you may make any no. of calls of each 4 minutes, so its virtually unlimited free phone to phone calling via Twitter route, anywhere to anywhere, anytime to anytime, always! No strings attached, nothing to buy, no promo, no credit card, no PIN, no downloads, from any phone mobile or landline etc,

Its NOT an official app from Twitter!

This is a BIG news for the people of UAE and all VOIP blocked nations, and the same time is also 'bad' for the telcos of that countries as it could dilute a good chunk of telecom revenues, but after all the consumer should be the KING : ), even VOIP leader SKYPE is banned in few countries like UAE (Gulf), but this system works fine everywhere, where there Twitter has a reach : ) this is the power of the Twitter and Internet : )

How This Non-VOIP free international calling works:

Clearly this is not a VOIP, their system links a phone number to a Twitter username, than twit2tel server checks Twitter for the command @twit2tel call every couple of seconds (that is the reason for the call delay when users are waiting for the system to call them), twit2tel associates the usernames with the numbers linked to them,

After the caller connects they hear an ad 15-20 second long advert, and, while that ad is running, this system actually prepares to connect the user that is being called,

After the sponsor's ad you are connected and you can talk in real time or leave a voice message, Please understand that you can not put an actual numerical phone number in the command (in place of a twitter user name), it will NOT work because this system only understand a Twitter username by that number and since that won't exist, the call won't connect,

... so never fill a numerical phone number in place of a Twitter username while calling!

This free international calling works fine from UAE (Gulf), Iran, Iraq, Jordan etc, and soon will sweep away its way to each and every nation of the world, it will only NOT work if and only the possible way is that Twitter itself could be blocked by that nation, well and even then, as experienced in the past and seen in some parts of Iran a couple of months ago, there are ways around that too : )

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