E51, E66, E71, E72, E75: Free Mobile Video Call-Symbian 9.3 Nokia Device with Fring

After successfully launched the Fring and Skype mobile international VOIP video calls, the Israel based FRING adds an another feather to its cap, and this is: FREE mobile (VOIP) video call for Symbian 9.2 and 9.3 Nokia devices which includes popular Nokia E series handsets like Nokia E51, E66, E71 E72 & E75 and many more!

Remember that the Skype and Fring video calling works with 3G and / or Wi-Fi hotspots! And also just to remind that the owners of a Nokia Symbian S60 smartphone (whether it’s Symbian 9.3 or not) can use Fring to make unlimited international mobile video calls using Fring to Fring, Skype to Skype or so,


Fring is the award winning mobile solution / app and using it the worldwide users can communicate, its a social communication networking where people of any or all walks of life could meet and call unlimited free using mobile, always, Fring to Fring, Skype to Skype and so on...

Fring is good for: Friends' call, video-call over mobile phone like Apple iPhone, Nokia etc, IM, chat, share files, Skype®, Facebook®, GoogleTalk™, Twitter, AIM®, ICQ® just using one central profile, i.e. FRING! Fring is always and ever free to download; free to use; nothing to pay and no fine prints or any strings attached!

So if you had not still tried this mobile VOIP app, than download Fring for your Mobile device and start making unlimited free international video call over 3G or Wi-Fi.

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Vaib said...

Just yesterday I could finally setup Wi-fi connection on my E72, and installed Skype and Fring, only to discover that Skype calls are not possible on this latest device, although the version is "Skype for Symbian" and on Fring I am able to make voice calls, but I don't see anywhere an option to start video.
Is this new version uploaded "just today" (on 6th of March or what?)
Thanks for posting. Is it tested version (so that existing functionalities won't disappear)? I would like to try though, tonight at home.

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