Convergia Partners mVoIP Vopium’s Mobile VoIP and Messaging Platform

Danish mobile communications company Vopium, is one of the popular mVoIP provider for VOIP call, texting software & services for mobiles, which they claim allows users to save up to 90% or so on outbound international call and SMS using their mVoIP platform,

Vopium’s IM provides free chat and world calling from mobiles,

with your buddies on Skype, Gtalk and Vopium but only when they come online, post free tweets on Twitter social network,

If you have Vopium software in your smart cell phone than with Vopium WiFi you can enjoy 100% free calls (VOIP) and always shun the hefty international roaming charges when you LAND in a foreign land,

Now Vopium the mVOIP company, has announced a joint venture and a platform to be provided to the Canada based Convergia Networks Inc. (Founded in 1998), one of the classic provider for voice, data, internet services etc for the use of residential, business, wholesale needs,

Vopium’s partnership with Convergia will offer its ‘Vopium portfolio’ which consists of the most of the sophisticated and advanced mobile & online communication services like MVOIP or mobile VoIP, texts, IM, contact backup, its internet calling to the Pan America / North and South America, with the brand of Convergia annd this is VOPIUM’S first white label, as they say…

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