Cheap Overseas Call / SMS: Rebtel iPhone App Version 1.1

Thanks Alexander Drewniak of Team Rebtel (Sweden) for updating me re: Rebtel's latest iPhone App ver 1.1, as you know that Alex and guys too are the avid readers of Talkfree7 VOIP Blog, I am always personally thankful to them!
This Rebtel's latest iPhone App holds especially good, if you do lots of international texting besides cheap overseas calling, than with this Rebtel app. you're now able to send super cheap SMS messages directly from the app to your Rebtel contacts / friends our any other number of choice.
Rebtel is one of the most popular, easy and rather cheap way to call the world mobile to mobile, no VOIP, Internet, Broadband or PC ever needed, try it for free with your regular or ANY existing phone (no smart phone is needed), its free between certain set of 50+ countries and for other use Rebtel for the cost of a local call!
Like Alex disclosed me in person, that he sends a lot of texts to his Sis in the UK and the app is really saving him a bundle, for Alex it's more than half price! Wow, good choice and its easy too!
Also look for the Twitter and Facebok sharing with this Rebtel App ver1.1 for iPhone. Just visit the App Store HERE
Features of Rebtel App for iPhone ver1.1 at a glance:
*Cheap international calling: The app features cheap international calling for Rebtel's usual super low rates,
*Cheap SMS messages: this new versions has been enriched with one of Rebtel's most popular features from the web, which is super cheap SMS,
*No Wi-Fi etc needed (use it phone to phone on normal GSM etc)
*See available call time for all your buddies
*Full contact management,
*Ability to make payment on the go
*Check Rebtel rates to other countries
*Check your call and credit history
*Share Rebtel with friends on Facebook and Twitter directly from the app,
*Make seamless Double Dial calls without calling the Access Number. This is the feature could be used together with SMS and it simply means that when you want to make a one-off call to someone and don't want to add their number to your Rebtel contact list, you can just launch the app, dial the number and a local Rebtel number will be generated instantly in the background,
*You always also get full access to your account history just like on the website,
*Just to sum it up, it’s basically like taking the entire Rebtel website and putting it in your pocket to enjoy whenever you’re out and about and feel the urge to call or send SMS internationally....
If you love Skype the VOIP King, than you certainly would love Rebtel too, Skype, Rebtel and Fring are my favourite telcos in this world!

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Anonymous said... is better than jajah and they are soon to release an iphone application too you should check it out... cheap calls much better than jajah.

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