Convergia Partners mVoIP Vopium’s Mobile VoIP and Messaging Platform

Danish mobile communications company Vopium, is one of the popular mVoIP provider for VOIP call, texting software & services for mobiles, which they claim allows users to save up to 90% or so on outbound international call and SMS using their mVoIP platform,

Vopium’s IM provides free chat and world calling from mobiles,

with your buddies on Skype, Gtalk and Vopium but only when they come online, post free tweets on Twitter social network,

If you have Vopium software in your smart cell phone than with Vopium WiFi you can enjoy 100% free calls (VOIP) and always shun the hefty international roaming charges when you LAND in a foreign land,

Now Vopium the mVOIP company, has announced a joint venture and a platform to be provided to the Canada based Convergia Networks Inc. (Founded in 1998), one of the classic provider for voice, data, internet services etc for the use of residential, business, wholesale needs,

Vopium’s partnership with Convergia will offer its ‘Vopium portfolio’ which consists of the most of the sophisticated and advanced mobile & online communication services like MVOIP or mobile VoIP, texts, IM, contact backup, its internet calling to the Pan America / North and South America, with the brand of Convergia annd this is VOPIUM’S first white label, as they say…

Push-to-Talk over Cell (PTT-PoC)-VOIP: AT&T; Verizon; Palringo etc.

PTT-PoC (How to make VOIP group calling over cellular phone?):

What is push to talk or PTT or PTT-PoC?

According to Wiki, PTT-PoC = Push to Talk over Cellular is a service option which is available for the cellular phone network that allows the customers to make their cell phone to be used as a two way walkie-talkie,

The Push to Talk connection connects almost instantly. The good thing of a PTT-PoC is that it establishes a group connection i.e. any single person can reach an active talk group with only a single press of a button, and that, the user no longer required to dial many calls to talk to a group, so it makes a sense to use PTT while reaching a big group for a voice call, or for voice instant messaging,

Push-to-talk cellular call is termed as half-duplex communication as in this one person calls > the other(s) receives,

And to note that a cell phone call is termed as a full-duplex, i.e. the both of the parties on a call can hear each other at the same real time, and as a PTT is half-duplex, so it simply means that the call or the communication will go only single direction at any single moment of time, so it resembles like a walkie-talkie calling, its become useful when you need to collect some info / have to broadcast an emergency to your group of employees to mobilize them etc. etc.

The advantage of PTT-POC is that it permits group calling by pressing a single button, so one person can make a voice call to whole of the group by pressing only a single PTT button, some PTT networks uses VOIP technology to stream voice over data networks like via a 3G cellular network and this all works digitally,

Though PTT feature is in-built in many cell phones but the PTT-PoC service (Push to Talk over Cellular) depends on the carriers or your Telco!

Free PTT-VOIP (half duplex) Calling with Palringo:

Palringo is FREE PTT provider and supports it on the move, Palringo is for IM, chat, share photos and also send voice messages to all your buddies at a press of a single button, no matter which IM service they use, just press: ‘Push to Talk’ key and you are ready to send the instant voice message, Palringo works in whole of this world and works with number of mobile handsets and OS like: Android, Apple iPhone and , iPod Touch, Blackberry, Java, Symbian and S60, Windows Mobile and many more,

Palringo also holds good for Wi-Fi enabled PDAs / phones, it also works on the laptops / desktops /PC, the best of the Palringo is that its FREE and its push-to-talk (PTTPoC) allows to make you the instant VoIP voice call to your pals just like any walkie-talkie (half duplex) or just like any Nextel phone (Sprint Nextel Corporation).

Now Push To Talk (PTT-PoC) is available for All Verizon's BlackBerrys:

Verrizon PTTPoC FAQ

PTT and AT&T:

Ventrilo Push to Talk (PTT): VOIP Group Conference Digital Call
Ventrilo is a popular voice communication VOIP software : this software provides for a free real-time voice chat etc for the group communications, Ventrilo supports surround sound and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux OS / platforms. Using Ventrilo PTT hot key you are allowed to make a group conference digital calling,

Ventrilo PTT on YouTube:

Learn Ventrilo's Push-to-Talk Fix for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Another PTT player is HipVoice which also provides PTT on rugged devices, blackberry, windows mobiles, any cellular or WIFI networks, anywhere in the world (five days trial is free):

Fring & iPhone: Two way Free Video Call, its Coming the Israel based mobile VOIP & chat app provider or rather its a mobile internet community to access & interact to your online social networks on-the-move, is a wonder for whole of the mobile and telephony world, they had really made our lives simple & meaningful: the communication is vital and they are helping the people find the way to make FREE & unlimited international video or audio calling (Fring to Fring or Skype etc), on go, by smart cell phones using the Wi-Fi or 3G networks,

Fring has VOIP apps for many platforms and mobile OS like Windows, Android etc including Apple iPhone 3GS too, to make video calls but the problem is that the cam of the iPhone is at the back side of the mobile hence only one way video calling is possible, i.e. you can watch your contact but your helpless contact could not watch your lovely face : )

CNET reports that at CTIA in Las Vegas, they have took a sneak peek at two features but they are still in the works and will soon roll out as the next version of Fring VOIP app for Apple's iPhone, which will include a solution to make the two way video call on iPhone, and they could be all free (local or overseas) when its Fring to Fring or Skype to Skype etc calling…

Phone to Phone: Free International Calls from Anywhere in the World to Anywhere, Anytime, Anyday

Phone to phone: Free International Calls and nationwide calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere, from any phone (iPhone, Android based mobiles, smart mobiles and will give free calling even from Facebook social network), anytime, any day, (they are yet to release their proposed worldwide free call service),

CallArc is the newest to be found and a free international call app from anywhere to anywhere, its based in USA, The Los Angles, Their mobile solutions, apps and services could make communication free and significantly easy! and the great money saver too, if they are really true and there is no catch in this all,

How This Free International phone calling works:


iPhone Dual Mode 3G, Cell, Free VoIP Call App: Line2, Two Numbers in One Cell

Innovation seems to be never ending and when it’s the telecom, VOIP, mobile sector its going with a revolution where calling rates are going down each and every passing day and even free across the borders and the technology has no bounds : )

Line2 (Apple iPhone, iPod Touch & Blackberry mobile app from Toktumi ) is a dual mode VOIP (WIFi / 3G cellular) call app designed for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and RIM Blackberries, its designed to make an unlimited call via VOIP over WIFI and if no WIFI hotspot is there make VOIP (Internet) call via AT&T / 3G cellular network, thirty day trial is for free to check the performance of this cool Apple iPhone VOIP app to work as a second number on the same iPhone / Blackberry!

Just register with them and get a free new Line2 number (this Line2 app offers a local number, 800-number, or even you are allowed to transfer your existing number), Line2 works crystal clear in a WiFi zone, and if there is no WIFI than this VOIP calling app connect via AT&T 3G cellular network, but the call reception is good while in WiFi, further when you call a Line2 number than this app performs few enhancements to boost up the best of all voice quality.

This iPhone app makes your Apple smart, the phone will itself scan / detect the way available to make the cheapest call - and you have nothing to worry how to do, it also switch the active calls between WiFi and 3G itself if / when you change the networks, and if in your area the AT&T phone reception is bad than this little VOIP app is always good for you : )

Suppose you are making a call using Line2 than another call comes on the original number, this app's software will ask you to choose, your mood, which call you wish to attend and if you had closed the Line2 app, than still your all calls can route to your original number, this is the beauty of this app,

WiFi call are always FREE so you can make an unlimited FREE CALLS while in a WIFI zone, nothing to pay to AT&T etc carriers as no minutes are consumed! (But actually you have to pay for the monthly subscription USD$14.99 / AT&T subscription etc etc to subscribe the services, so its not 100% free but can substantially reduce the phone bill),

Line2 mobile app works with Apple iPod Touch too and converts a pod into a full mobile, in a Wi-Fi hot spot zone, the iPod Touch works as a cellular phone and you have to pay no charges to any carrier like AT&T,

This Line2 dual mode VOIP calling app for iPhone could help a lot for the iPhone owners to have a separate personal & a business phone numbers, and could significantly can bring the phone bill to the ground, as it could reduce the their monthly voice minutes just by permitting them to make voice call via Wi-Fi and also on 3G Voice via VOIP, this VOIP Line2 App has the power to make separate the personal & biz contacts within the separate tabs thus permitting the incoming calls to sort them based on personal or biz contacts!

VOIP app Line2 is can be downloaded from App Store for $0.99 (yeah its not free), this comes with a full 30-day free trial for the whole service, than thereafter this will cost for USD 14.95 per month and than it contains unlimited U.S. A. / Canada call with conference calling!

Line2 VOIP call at RIM Blackberry:

Watch Line2 on YouTube:

A BlackBerry is not compatible with WiFI / 3G VoIP calling so Line2 app for BlackBerry only works over a cellular network, ok : ) or 3G VoIP calling. Line2 for BlackBerry works over your cellular network.

Skype Mobile VOIP on Verizon Wireless, USA: History is in the Making

We know in USA, recently the VOIP King Skype Mobile has partnered by leading US telco the Verizon Wireless and this nuptial knot is coming to the fore from today March 25, 2010, a great beginning, and it’s a history in the making : )

We at Talkfree7 the VOIP International blog, welcomes the
Skype Mobile and Verizon Wireless combo!

It’s a
great moment in the history of telephony and VOIP world when the two giants are going to ‘marry’ and whole of the world is looking the deal and it would be again a breakthrough in SKYPE TO SKYPE unlimited free call from US Verizon mobiles to the world, like in UK the THREE Mobile is already doing such a deal in association with Skype the VOIP on its handsets,

So to begin with
Skype on US Verizon you may choose now from: BlackBerry Storm 9530, Storm2 9550, Curve 8330, Curve 8530, 8830 World Edition and Tour 9630 smart phones, DROID by Motorola, DROID ERIS by HTC, Motorola DEVOUR, later many more would be added,
Verizon customers must have a Verizon Wireless 3G smart-phone + a data plan for using Skype mobile, as already and always, the Skype to Skype calls (anywhere) are FREE no monthly minute will be deducted from the data plan,

Verizon Wireless customers have to buy some Skype Credits or unlimited country plan, if they want to make international call on a landline / mobile number,

The US Verizon wireless customers can SMS or text SKYPE to 2255 to know more details on their cellular phones : )
Get an Unlimited World calling subscription from Skype from $9.95/month
Buy Skype Credit now to make cheap calls internationally

Download Skype for Verizon Wireless Smart Mobiles

Need Easter Free VOIP Call? Vote & Decide your Favourite Country: Truphone

Truphone the global mobile VOIP apps provider has an interesting offer for its worldwide customers, that to call for free this Easter weekend just vote and decide your favorite country to get it included in the list of TRUPHONE free call destination this Easter : )

So get set go and cast your vote for your 3 nations, top 10 destinations which will receive the highest votes will win and surface in the free call countries by Truphone the mobile VOIP app provider.

Cast your vote here

I had voted for South Africa, Poland and Netherlands (I wish I could vote for more countries : ) Better luck next time...

Results: Countries who won free calling

Rebtel VOIP for Android & Nexus One: Free Call App for Cell Phones

Rebtel VOIP (Rebtel mobile VOIP technology uses standard cellular networks for connecting the phone call via Internet) is a cool phone to phone free to cheap international call provider which do not requires any internet connection or PC, just call phone to phone, even no WiFi needed,

Free Calling:

Now Rebtel has an another milestone: its a new app for Android OS based telephones and the beauty lies that this free calling app for Android makes international calls automatically and totally free in-between 51 countries (which are within free Rebtel zone), This Rebtel Free Call app for Android based cell phones will be surfaced soon, any day, within the Android Market,

Rebtel Free Call app will be free for the users to download and for use via Rebtel, to use Rebtel free call app for Android select an Int'l number and just hit the call button to connect,

The international call will be free when the caller and receiver (both ends of the call) have the Rebtel Free Call app installed on their cells, if this is not the case than Rebtel's low call rates will apply (when the person at receiving end do not have Rebtel Free Call app installed on his cell),

The Rebtel's VoIP free international calling app for Google's Android OS is well suited for Google Nexus One, it makes international call free and crystal clear using Nexus One, this Rebtel's free calling app is one of the first app of its kind in the Android platform,

Venture Beat even claims that, "Rebtel makes Android calls cheaper than Skype" (as we know SKYPE VOIP is the undisputed world leader in P2P video call technology and unlimited Skype to Skype free calls (video and audio), anywhere to anywhere, anytime!)

Get Rebtel, Try for free

Fring for Android: The Mobile VOIP App.

Fring is an innovation in mobile VOIP segment and provides for the latest apps. and smart mobile solution and technology to make VOIP free to cheap international calls, mobiles to mobiles,
Fring has many things like unlimited international free Skype VOIP call from mobile phones via Fring App on mobile, also the Fring has its social networking features and Fring to Fring unlimited free international calls over 3G or WiFi hotspots,
The Fring mobile app can also be installed on a Google's Android based devices and handsets, and Fring app for Android OS has some recent changes like: it has a dialler (with DTMF), to dial in the number while on a SIP / SkypeOut call, new buddy list features, personalize your profile feature, voice improvements etc etc,
So go for the latest version of Fring for Android and make unlimited mobile calls using Android devices and cellular phone!
Google Buzz, Orkut, Fring for Android: Go social with Android Mobile...

Skype Access: Free Worldwide Wi-Fi Give Away

Skype is the most trusted and usable VOIP brand worldwide, virtually in our daily lives we all uses its fabulous free & unlimited Skype to Skype video call, anywhere to anywhere, anytime and every time : )

Now Skype has an another free gift for its users, which is full launch of its SKYPE ACCESS: and you can use this for free and Skype is giving away free Wi-Fi access at approx 100,000+ hot-spots around the world, on 20-21 March 2010,

When we are on go or on move, we realize that we need a hot spot to connect the virtual world and thus we need WiFi, that is why Skype Access comes, its handy, easy to go and the best thing this is from brand SKYPE which means no hassles! and to use this SKYPE ACCESS, you just have to pay for the actual use (PAYG basis) and you will pay for a minute as per your actual usage, nothing to pay for an hour if you actually used it for just 10 minutes or so : ) a great saving,

Also this free Skype access offer extends to and is valid for UK to 2359 on Monday 22 March. So at a UK air port with compatible hotspot, one can be online for free and also can make great value calls, Skype to Skype, worldwide : )

Call Free: Ireland, Poland, UK, US, Canada by TruPhone at St. Patrick's Day

St. Patricks' day is falling this March17, 2010 and the global mobile VOIP apps provider Truphone has a free international call deal for this day to commemorate this Irish Go Green day,

Truphone's, the company which is famous for its mobile VOIP apps technology is going Craic and is giving away this St. Patrick's Day the free calls from everywhere in the world which terminates to Ireland, Poland, UK, US, Canada!

These free calling destinations are chosen on a smart calculation that these are the countries, to which the Irish people make their most of the phone calls in terms of the numbers of calls,

To make free calls with Truphone mVoIP you can be sitting anywhere in the world and can make free international call to the PSTN (landlines) and cellular phones of USA, Canada,

… and to PSTN / landlines of Ireland, Poland and UK

So ‘become and Irish’ this St. Patrick's Day and enjoy the free phone calling : )

Truphone mobile apps are compatible and can be downloaded for the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry, Google's Android and Nokia etc. smart cellular phones, worldwide…

Free VOIP Call Malaysia at PSTN & Cell from within Malaysia only

This Flekx FREE Internet or VOIP calling service (pl check if this really works?) is only available Malaysia to Malaysia and will not work from out of Malaysia so simply its meant for Malaysians and locals living there : ) You may tell this to your family, friends and contact living there to give a try, Free is generally good : )

You have to download a PortSIP Softphone, follow the instructions and start making free VOIP local call to Malaysian contacts from Malaysia,

Just remember that if your laptop or PC is placed behind any firewall / router and is blocking the VOIP traffic, than you could never register the PortSip soft phone with this Flekx server, than try to contact [email protected] for any troubleshooting or so,

Enjoy the domestic FREE Malaysian call on landlines and cellular phones,

Flekx Free Malaysia PSTN / Mobile call FAQ:

Flekx Malaysia VOIP on Facebook:

If you love to visit this Talkfree7 VOIP blog and found this useful, pl bookmark & share, give us a Tweet, give us a link on Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Digg or anywhere you wish, we welcome and love readers around the globe (currently we have readers from 200+ countries) and will have more free and useful VOIP calling info as we grow in any nation, Thank you!

Mexico VOIP: Axtel Conmigo weds Fring: Fixed VOIP goes Mobile

Mexico's leading telco and fixed line telecom provider Axtel's new service named as AXTEL CONMIGO has partnered with FRING, the Israel based mobile VOIP app provider,

This VOIP partnership will bring Axtel's fixed line Internet calls to mobile handsets and Axtel is the first in Mexico to extend such kind of VOIP mobile partnership,

Now the Axtel Conmigo VOIP subscribers too can receive the home phone calls, social networking like Skype, Facebook, GTalk, Twitter etc on their cellular phones, or compatible, mobile devices, PDAs etc,

Fring mobile VOIP app works on both type of telecom networks viz.: Wi-Fi and also over 3G cellular networks, and works on variety of mobile handsets including range of Nokia's Symbian, Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, Google' Android, Windows Mobiles, and Fring supports unlimited free international FRING to FRING, or SKYPE TO SKYPE calling over 3G or Wi-Fi...

Free International Calls from UAE & VOIP Blocked Nations: Make Now via Twitter

Great news for the people of UAE / Gulf and all the nations where there is a block on free international SKYPE TO SKYPE calls or such sort of VOIP cheap or free overseas calls are banned,

There is a legitimate way to make unlimited free international call from UAE or VOIP blocked nations, and that’s too, phone to phone, no broadband access ever needed, ANY phone works,

Just you and the person at other side of the call need: a account (it’s free) & any phone number,

This is not the VOIP technology which could be banned anywhere by the national or any telcos, this is a 'Twitter command' voice calling system which uses the Twitter account and all the calls are free to anywhere to anywhere if the persons on the both side of the phones have a twitter a/c,

yeah if the Twitter itself becomes banned in any country than this free call system will cease to work, but still there are the ways to use this free international call service like using via Proxies etc : )

This is NOT illegal anywhere as Twitter is the hottest social media and is legitimate and popular all over the world : ) but you are responsible always to obey and know the land laws of your respective countries,

The call and the voice quality is good, the limit of each call is only 4 minutes and after that you may make any no. of calls of each 4 minutes, so its virtually unlimited free phone to phone calling via Twitter route, anywhere to anywhere, anytime to anytime, always! No strings attached, nothing to buy, no promo, no credit card, no PIN, no downloads, from any phone mobile or landline etc,

Its NOT an official app from Twitter!

This is a BIG news for the people of UAE and all VOIP blocked nations, and the same time is also 'bad' for the telcos of that countries as it could dilute a good chunk of telecom revenues, but after all the consumer should be the KING : ), even VOIP leader SKYPE is banned in few countries like UAE (Gulf), but this system works fine everywhere, where there Twitter has a reach : ) this is the power of the Twitter and Internet : )

How This Non-VOIP free international calling works:

Clearly this is not a VOIP, their system links a phone number to a Twitter username, than twit2tel server checks Twitter for the command @twit2tel call every couple of seconds (that is the reason for the call delay when users are waiting for the system to call them), twit2tel associates the usernames with the numbers linked to them,

After the caller connects they hear an ad 15-20 second long advert, and, while that ad is running, this system actually prepares to connect the user that is being called,

After the sponsor's ad you are connected and you can talk in real time or leave a voice message, Please understand that you can not put an actual numerical phone number in the command (in place of a twitter user name), it will NOT work because this system only understand a Twitter username by that number and since that won't exist, the call won't connect,

... so never fill a numerical phone number in place of a Twitter username while calling!

This free international calling works fine from UAE (Gulf), Iran, Iraq, Jordan etc, and soon will sweep away its way to each and every nation of the world, it will only NOT work if and only the possible way is that Twitter itself could be blocked by that nation, well and even then, as experienced in the past and seen in some parts of Iran a couple of months ago, there are ways around that too : )

Free Overseas Call to Twitter Contacts:

*******7 Stars: A Real, easy and mind blowing wonderful FREE OVERSEAS (or local or anywhere) CALLING phone service, is strongly recommended by us Talkfree7: The VOIP Blog...

Twitter + Phone = FREE Twit2tel International(local or anywhere) Voice call and Voice mails

Twitter is the hottest of all online social networks and 140 words microblogging platform, everybody seems to be on Twitter nowadays and is Tweeting his way : )
But we know web world is generally a 'silent' media and many times people here needs to raise their voice, so now you can TALK free or send a FREE voice mail to your Twitter contacts using:
You do not need to have the phone number of the guys on Twitter, to whom you wish to make a FREE call, as this free call app gives each Twitterer its own voicemail! And this voicemail links directly to his account and phone number on Twitter.

It’s all Free, just make a free sign up at via your Twitter > link your phone number with your Twitter user name.

Also ask your Twitter contact(s) {to whom you wish to make a call} to do the same, i.e. to register and link his any phone number with his Twitter user name, as if he will not link his phone number to his Twitter, your phone call will NEVER reach him,
When you wish to make a FREE voice call to your Twitter pals than make a tweet @twit2tel call username or just go to and sign in and fill the twitter user name of the guy you wish to call (not his phone number), than Twit2tel will make you free connect with the username tweeted! (you may also try to make a tweet from your cell phone, if you do not have a Twitter web access at the time),

Free Call (local, overseas or anywhere in the world where the Twitter user lives) are limited only to 4 minutes (do not worry you are free to make any number of calls as you wish) the both of the users should have linked their respective phone numbers to their usernames!

This is especially good for the students community all over the world : ) they can Tweet and make a free anywhere call with their mobile on move,

Also the free voicemails could be heard via Twit2Tel and also could be downloaded, also if someone has not signed into still he will receive the voicemail via a URL / link sent to their Twitter.

This Free International calling works 200+ countries which includes: USA / North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania also includes: USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil, France, Australia, China, and India, UAE(Gulf), Iran, Iraq, Jordan etc.

Everybody on Twitter can use Twit2tel to send FREE voice messages to any Twitterers around the globe and / or make a FREE voice call for 4 minutes duration and these 4 minutes call can be done as many times, (just obey / remember the time zones while making a free voice call as this service really works and is WONDERFUL!),

... and yep this Twitter free calling app really works seamlessly with a EXCELLENT voice call quality followed by a small advert which supports their free calling, I tried it, nice FREE INTERNATIONAL CALL SERVICE via Twitter, I am sure it will make this world go crazy : )

If this free international call service could survive, I can see it as one of the Skype alternate of some kind, as it calls phone to phone for FREE, though using Twitter and it also will work from UAE etc where VOIP is blocked and is in much demand due to high overseas call rates,

thank you by heart, twit2tel team!

India: MTNL Cheap ISD Call on VCC: Just Re. 1 / min to US, Canada

Good news for the students' and NRI etc families living in New Delhi and Mumbai's MTNL circle, they have the opportunity to make cheap ISD (international calling using MTNL's VCC-virtual calling card) calls to US / Canada,

Courtesy: MTNL's VCC card plan : Call USA and Canada at Re.1 a minute...This cheap ISD call offer to US / Canada from MTNL VCC is open till 31st Match 2010.

To remind that the cheap ISD call offer is only valid to the calls made using MTNL's Landline / GSM (Dolphin) / (Trump) / CDMA (Garuda) via MTNL's VCC. MTNL only works in Delhi and Mumbai in India!

How to activate MTNL VCC:

MTNL customers have to make dial 160922 (Toll Free) > secret code of VCC.

How to make STD or ISD:

Dial 160222 (Toll Free) > secret code & destination phone Number with STD / ISD code > follow to the instructions of IVR...


MTNL’s VCC holds good for all those who are generally on the go and also good for the guys who do not own any phone, as VCC could be used from any phone : )

VCC could be used to make a local / long distance-STD or national or even international calling though the phone from which the call made is without a long distance STD facility.

E51, E66, E71, E72, E75: Free Mobile Video Call-Symbian 9.3 Nokia Device with Fring

After successfully launched the Fring and Skype mobile international VOIP video calls, the Israel based FRING adds an another feather to its cap, and this is: FREE mobile (VOIP) video call for Symbian 9.2 and 9.3 Nokia devices which includes popular Nokia E series handsets like Nokia E51, E66, E71 E72 & E75 and many more!

Remember that the Skype and Fring video calling works with 3G and / or Wi-Fi hotspots! And also just to remind that the owners of a Nokia Symbian S60 smartphone (whether it’s Symbian 9.3 or not) can use Fring to make unlimited international mobile video calls using Fring to Fring, Skype to Skype or so,


Fring is the award winning mobile solution / app and using it the worldwide users can communicate, its a social communication networking where people of any or all walks of life could meet and call unlimited free using mobile, always, Fring to Fring, Skype to Skype and so on...

Fring is good for: Friends' call, video-call over mobile phone like Apple iPhone, Nokia etc, IM, chat, share files, Skype®, Facebook®, GoogleTalk™, Twitter, AIM®, ICQ® just using one central profile, i.e. FRING! Fring is always and ever free to download; free to use; nothing to pay and no fine prints or any strings attached!

So if you had not still tried this mobile VOIP app, than download Fring for your Mobile device and start making unlimited free international video call over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Cheap Overseas Call / SMS: Rebtel iPhone App Version 1.1

Thanks Alexander Drewniak of Team Rebtel (Sweden) for updating me re: Rebtel's latest iPhone App ver 1.1, as you know that Alex and guys too are the avid readers of Talkfree7 VOIP Blog, I am always personally thankful to them!
This Rebtel's latest iPhone App holds especially good, if you do lots of international texting besides cheap overseas calling, than with this Rebtel app. you're now able to send super cheap SMS messages directly from the app to your Rebtel contacts / friends our any other number of choice.
Rebtel is one of the most popular, easy and rather cheap way to call the world mobile to mobile, no VOIP, Internet, Broadband or PC ever needed, try it for free with your regular or ANY existing phone (no smart phone is needed), its free between certain set of 50+ countries and for other use Rebtel for the cost of a local call!
Like Alex disclosed me in person, that he sends a lot of texts to his Sis in the UK and the app is really saving him a bundle, for Alex it's more than half price! Wow, good choice and its easy too!
Also look for the Twitter and Facebok sharing with this Rebtel App ver1.1 for iPhone. Just visit the App Store HERE
Features of Rebtel App for iPhone ver1.1 at a glance:
*Cheap international calling: The app features cheap international calling for Rebtel's usual super low rates,
*Cheap SMS messages: this new versions has been enriched with one of Rebtel's most popular features from the web, which is super cheap SMS,
*No Wi-Fi etc needed (use it phone to phone on normal GSM etc)
*See available call time for all your buddies
*Full contact management,
*Ability to make payment on the go
*Check Rebtel rates to other countries
*Check your call and credit history
*Share Rebtel with friends on Facebook and Twitter directly from the app,
*Make seamless Double Dial calls without calling the Access Number. This is the feature could be used together with SMS and it simply means that when you want to make a one-off call to someone and don't want to add their number to your Rebtel contact list, you can just launch the app, dial the number and a local Rebtel number will be generated instantly in the background,
*You always also get full access to your account history just like on the website,
*Just to sum it up, it’s basically like taking the entire Rebtel website and putting it in your pocket to enjoy whenever you’re out and about and feel the urge to call or send SMS internationally....
If you love Skype the VOIP King, than you certainly would love Rebtel too, Skype, Rebtel and Fring are my favourite telcos in this world!

QT Talk VOIP: Free Phone Call to Chile from USA

Chile is going with Nature's worst wrath, we all are with the people of Chile in these times!

Like Verizon wireless, the QT Talk the VOIP calling service provider from USA has offered USD5 free call to Chile from USA, just SMS (TEXT): CHILE to 64842 to get an access number to call for free to Chile based contacts, remember that you have just to dial its toll free number and from any, yes any fix /landline or a mobile, to take advantage of this free call service to Chile!

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