VOIP: Skype Built-in Cordless Phone: No PC needed

The Free wireless, international, unlimited Skype-to-Skype calling also could be made using a Skype ready built-in cordless phone and no computer access ever needed, use it like any ordinary cordless phone to make free Skype to Skype call or cheap international calls, you can even see all your Skype buddies after signing into the Skype ready cordless phone,

The Skype enabled cordless phone makes the life easy as using this cordless phone is always online with VOIP-Skype, you are at go within home walls, in your home, talk from any corner of your home to the world at large with Skype low rates or free to your Skype global pals,

You need a broadband plan, preferably UNLIMITED, as Skype call can use a large bandwidth,

Skype ready cordless phone set provides for the facility that you can watch who of your friends or family are online-Skype, than make a talk with them absolutely free, these Skype built-in cordless phone uses DECT technology that simply means crystal clear sound system,

The maximum range of Skype cordless calls depends on the distance between handset and the phone's base station which relay the call to the Skype ready handset, that is why it may vary with model or brand etc, even few models have the facility to make Skype call with hands-free conversation.

Skype is greatest of all the VOIP provider on the EARTH and it is really fun when Skype is CORDLESS!

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