Skype VOIP App & Apple iPad - iPhone over 3G?

Yes you read this correct, Skype the most popular VOIP provider and provider of the unlimited free international video calls: Skype to Skype is coming for Apples latest innovation, the iPad Tablet and iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch! Skype is now synonym to the VOIP and also means the quality VOIP ...

Now as Apple has made a change to its TOS or SDK (software development kit) and permitted the VOIP apps for iPhone to make them enable for the voice calling over 3G networks (like AT&T and so in USA)... it simply means now if we have Apple iPhone 3GS or iPod Tablet or iPod Touch than we can download for free many or any VOIP apps from iTune store like Fring etc and can make free overseas calls over Skype,

But the question is when Skype is available for iPhone itself than why it is NOT working over 3G networks and is only working on Wi-Fi hot spots? The answer is simple, Skype VOIP app for 3G calling with iPhone 3GS and iPad is in works right now and will come soon, with Skype iPhone VOIP app, one would be able to make calls in wideband audio, means the voice quality & fidelity will be crystal clear,

Skype is getting its VOIP app makeover for voice quality etc so one can always rely on Skype as we perhaps expect much perfection from this 'peoples'' VOIP company!?

But if you are in hurry to make a Skype 3G VOIP calling right now over iPhone than try this Fring way, no harm!

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