99599: Finland to World: Call Abroad or Local at Low Cost

Finland, the beautiful NORDIC nation of Europe, emerged as the home of the global mobile brand NOKIA,

To make cheap abroad calls from Finland, you can use the access no.: '99599' than follow the procedure to make a low cost call from Finland by visiting the scandicom.fi/en , website, just activate and connect to this Scandicom SipNet network and make low cost international voice call from Finnish nation,

e.g. a phone call from Finland to the USA will cost you 0.025€/min when you use access number 99599 from Finland (prefix call - 99599 cheap international calls)

Nothing to pre-pay, even no registration / contract is needed. Start right now, it is purely automated, the cost of the usage will be reflected & added in your bill and by your operator only,

They also provide for a Helsinki phone number at 2.5€ a month per number,

If you want to make unlimited cheap national calls within Finland from Finland than use access number 10505 services

This 10505 prefix will work in 'Elisa' fixed phones networks.

They claim that the domestic calls rate via prefix 10505 is 0.05 euro (VAT inclusive) + payment for local telephone call (irrespective of time of the day)

We had neither tested nor tried the services above so our readers are required to test, try or use this at their own peril, we are only imparting the info and are not connected in anyways to any of these services described.

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