VOIP: Skype Built-in Cordless Phone: No PC needed

The Free wireless, international, unlimited Skype-to-Skype calling also could be made using a Skype ready built-in cordless phone and no computer access ever needed, use it like any ordinary cordless phone to make free Skype to Skype call or cheap international calls, you can even see all your Skype buddies after signing into the Skype ready cordless phone,

The Skype enabled cordless phone makes the life easy as using this cordless phone is always online with VOIP-Skype, you are at go within home walls, in your home, talk from any corner of your home to the world at large with Skype low rates or free to your Skype global pals,

You need a broadband plan, preferably UNLIMITED, as Skype call can use a large bandwidth,

Skype ready cordless phone set provides for the facility that you can watch who of your friends or family are online-Skype, than make a talk with them absolutely free, these Skype built-in cordless phone uses DECT technology that simply means crystal clear sound system,

The maximum range of Skype cordless calls depends on the distance between handset and the phone's base station which relay the call to the Skype ready handset, that is why it may vary with model or brand etc, even few models have the facility to make Skype call with hands-free conversation.

Skype is greatest of all the VOIP provider on the EARTH and it is really fun when Skype is CORDLESS!

99599: Finland to World: Call Abroad or Local at Low Cost

Finland, the beautiful NORDIC nation of Europe, emerged as the home of the global mobile brand NOKIA,

To make cheap abroad calls from Finland, you can use the access no.: '99599' than follow the procedure to make a low cost call from Finland by visiting the scandicom.fi/en , website, just activate and connect to this Scandicom SipNet network and make low cost international voice call from Finnish nation,

e.g. a phone call from Finland to the USA will cost you 0.025€/min when you use access number 99599 from Finland (prefix call - 99599 cheap international calls)

Nothing to pre-pay, even no registration / contract is needed. Start right now, it is purely automated, the cost of the usage will be reflected & added in your bill and by your operator only,

They also provide for a Helsinki phone number at 2.5€ a month per number,

If you want to make unlimited cheap national calls within Finland from Finland than use access number 10505 services

This 10505 prefix will work in 'Elisa' fixed phones networks.

They claim that the domestic calls rate via prefix 10505 is 0.05 euro (VAT inclusive) + payment for local telephone call (irrespective of time of the day)

We had neither tested nor tried the services above so our readers are required to test, try or use this at their own peril, we are only imparting the info and are not connected in anyways to any of these services described.

Amazon's Kindle App for BlackBerry Mobiles

Here is the good news for US based BlackBerry Mobiles & Kindle book reader lovers, Amazon has released its Kindle's app for BlackBerry Mobiles to read the books on it, its a free app to be downloaded via Amazon and you trust no Kindle is required than thereafter and you can read your 4,20,000+ favourite books on you BLACKBERRY MOBILE,

This newly released Kindle App for BlackBerry permits the US based users to sync / save or bookmark on Kindle gadgets, Apple iPhone, iPod touch, Computer, BlackBerry, may be soon the things would be ready for Mac and Apple iPad?!

US based BlackBerry users on these telcos: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, other telcos will have the wireless ready Kindle books on their BlackBerry handsets, for a small fee!

Free International Call on Valentine's Day

FreeVcalls, the leading VOIP Blog reported that the Truphone is giving away the free call this Valentines day 2010, Feb 14th; so one can make FREE VOIP international call to 30 countries this Valentine's day and this is also the Chinese New Year start and year of Tiger in China!

FYI: Truphone is a renowned mobile app and can be used on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia's Symbian, Android and Blackberry Phones etc, Truphone also permits the free calling with Skype and between its own Truphone users, and also the Truphone is compatible for IM with Skype, MSN, Yahoo, AIM...

This Valentine's day free VOIP call offer can be used to make call on a landline and/or the mobile numbers to the listed countries here:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa,

FYI: February 14 is also the beginning of the Chinese calendar’s New Year, thus Truphone extended its 'gratitude' of FREE calls to China too for this very particular day, the year of the Tiger in China...

Phone to Phone Skype VOIP Call at Go: Unlimited International Calling at Ease

Yes, from only few select countries (listed below), Skype VOIP unlimited international calls can be done on the go with any mobile or any landline phone, no PC, Internet, Wi-Fi, 3G or broadband access needed, just an access to any ordinary PSTN landline or any ordinary mobile phone,

'Skype to Go' is an innovative Skype voice calling service and is available only (till date) from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Greece, Hungry, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia and South Africa!

Skype to GO from ANY landline or mobile>>>

With Skype to Go, one can make call from only above listed countries to its any global contacts (no Skype access is ever needed to your contacts, they should have a phone, thats it), what you have to do is:

- You should have a Skype ID, and its always free to register on Skype and have an ID,

- You should have some Skype balance/credits or an unlimited world or a country plan,

- Register Free for a Skype to Go Number (it’s a personal number to make Skype call only, never share or disclose it, it’s not for receiving an incoming calls),

- When you have a Skype to Go number, make a call via it, and than call your overseas contacts of it, its an amazing VOIP call service on the move from any mobile or landline, (Skype to go is a local country number so it will only cost you the local call, and if your call plan includes free minutes than these Skype to go calling is absolutely free and fun for you,


If you are in a roaming country, than to avoid a heavy international roaming fees, just call your Skype To Go number ONLY from a phone which is registered to the country that you are calling from, as to make a call to your SKYPE TO GO number attracts a local call charge!

Remember Skype to Go is only available from only these nations till date: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Greece, Hungry, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia and South Africa! And you can call whole of the world from these nations using Skype to Go number from ANY cell phone or ANY fixed line phone while on the move, and the good thing is that your contacts need not to be on Skype as it calls on direct on a landline or a cellular phone : )


Let you are in USA or Canada, and you call frequently from USA or Canada to your international contacts, that’s too on landline or mobile than you should register free with Skype, buy a pay as you go (PAYG) credits or an unlimited calling plan for that country or may be a world calling plan, as suitable, activate a SKYPE TO GO number for free, and start making unlimited calls to that country from any US mobile or landline on the go from anywhere in the USA (Skype to Go is a local number and may cost you a local call rates and if you have free minutes in your calling plan than it is absolutely free for you)

Skype Caller identification – show your phone number:

Many of our contacts do not entertain cold calls or call from any anonymous, withheld or private numbers, so while calling from Skype set up Skype Caller Identification for free for your global contacts:

What more Skype can do for you?

Skype VOIP App & Apple iPad - iPhone over 3G?

Yes you read this correct, Skype the most popular VOIP provider and provider of the unlimited free international video calls: Skype to Skype is coming for Apples latest innovation, the iPad Tablet and iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch! Skype is now synonym to the VOIP and also means the quality VOIP ...

Now as Apple has made a change to its TOS or SDK (software development kit) and permitted the VOIP apps for iPhone to make them enable for the voice calling over 3G networks (like AT&T and so in USA)... it simply means now if we have Apple iPhone 3GS or iPod Tablet or iPod Touch than we can download for free many or any VOIP apps from iTune store like Fring etc and can make free overseas calls over Skype,

But the question is when Skype is available for iPhone itself than why it is NOT working over 3G networks and is only working on Wi-Fi hot spots? The answer is simple, Skype VOIP app for 3G calling with iPhone 3GS and iPad is in works right now and will come soon, with Skype iPhone VOIP app, one would be able to make calls in wideband audio, means the voice quality & fidelity will be crystal clear,

Skype is getting its VOIP app makeover for voice quality etc so one can always rely on Skype as we perhaps expect much perfection from this 'peoples'' VOIP company!?

But if you are in hurry to make a Skype 3G VOIP calling right now over iPhone than try this Fring way, no harm!

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