VOIP: Skype Free Call from Haiti to the World

Skype is The Best VOIP provider in the world, and Skype free calling is always and absolutely free Skype to Skype: anytime and from anywhere to anywhere, this VOIP provider to the world has 520 million+ registered user to its data base, with fantastic voice and video calling which ranges from free to cheap unlimited international calling, this is simple, easy to use service even for a kid : )

Well, we know Haiti is right now suffering the worst of the human tragedies and earthquake, we all pray to Almighty and are with the people of Haiti at these moments, but do not forget Skype is also with us all in this harsh times, and has a humanitarian plan for the guys of Haiti,

As we know that most of the guys in Haiti might have lost the connectivity from cell phone or landline coverage so may be the tools like VOIP-Skype could play a vital role in communications,

Skype is sending the free vouchers for US$2 of Skype Credit to all of the registered users in Haiti via their respective registered email within 24 hours from now,

From this small but vital free call credit Haitians can make approx one hour’s worth of phone calls to the US landlines, or other worldwide countries (covered by Skype's global rate list), and approx 15 minutes of phone calls to the Dominican Republic!

T Mobile, USA too had announced that they are providing FREE phone calls to & from Haiti and even roaming is free for its customers there, from January 12, 2009 to Jan 31st, 2009.
Rebtel the popular and Sweden based mobile to mobile phone VOIP provider also had announced its free international call to Haiti:
Rebtel: Mobile to Mobile International Calling, Try First Call Free, Free Registration Open>>>

Google too is supporting its free outbound VoIP calls to Haiti (using Google Voice, and by the use of the Click2Call button),

Vonage too has 10 minutes Free #800 Calls to Haiti:


Cricket is also offering its free voice calls to Haiti like T Mobile,

Thank You Skype, T-Mobile, Rebtel, Google Voice, Cricket ... for this great humanitarian move, and Long Live Haitians we ALL the world community are with you now and always, we are he one world citizens!


Anonymous said...

Your assuming that Haitians have good enough internet speed !

kartikshradha said...

Yeah I do realize that phones and Internet might NOT be working there, but as a concerned TELECOM blogger we are trying our best to help them out, and wish Skype, T-Mobile or Rebtel might work there as communication is essential and its good to have it for free in the need of this hours : ) God Bless All!!!

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