Skype’s Cross-Border VOIP Communications and Int’l Call Minutes are Astonishing: Congrats Skype You have done it

Skype the aspiration and need of millions-daily, the best VOIP provider and anytime or every time FREE VIDEO TELEPHONY to the world just had revealed that their International calling minutes and Skype to Skype free international VOIP call minutes share to the world has increased by an astonishing rate of 50% as compared to the previous (last) year’s growth,

As we know Skype is one of the best VOIP call providers in the world an E-Bay company established by Estonians, its very popular and has at least 540 million registered global users till date,

They provide for free and unlimited Skype to Skype Video and voice call across the borders / to the world from web, SIP, mobiles or Skype phone etc using the IP technology,

As international voice and telephony and communications is getting down slowed in period of recession, the Skype’s increase of its calling minutes in the global data bank/share is indeed incredible, according to the data just released by TeleGeography: Skype’s share of abroad call minutes has zoomed to 12%, which is an increase of 50% over the last year stats of just 8%,

Skype’s traffic volume is growing at the constant pace and still the Skype is emerged as a world leader in VOIP COMMUNICATIONS and providing the FREE CALL over its excellent P2P VOIP technology provided by Joltid

Long live Skype this world REALLY needs you like Google in their daily lives!

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