Skype Free Call on iPhone at 3G Cellular Networks via Fring route

We know that Apple Inc. has updated its SDK for its iPhone and iPad Tablet and now permitted the 3G cellular networks too to enable an international VOIP call originating from iPhone,

iCall, AT&T, Fring etc have already jumped into this bandwagon and their software are ready to initiate the VOIP call over a 3G cellular network using iPhone, which was only possible over Wi-Fi till now,

But Skype has not updated its iPhone VOIP software till date to make a foreign or domestic call using 3G network, but still you can make unlimited SKYPE TO SKYPE free call with iPhone over a 3G network by downloading for free the FRING VOIP mobile software on your smart iPhone mobile and start making Skype to Skype unlimited free foreign or domestic / local video calling with your Apple iPhone 3GS mobile : )

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