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The Skype: the people's or global VOIP from EBay guys is initiating now its real time, streaming free call services on high definition (HDTV) Televisions (TV), so you can make an unlimited free Skype to Skype international video call from your LCD / Plasma or any TV,

Yep! Widescreen video calling is a reality of today’s with Skype! Skype announced hat the first gen of Skype enabled HDTVs soon are coming in very 2010 itself, by the spring season : ) so give a smile and talk to your Mom or Dad overseas on a widescreen that’s too on a free Skype to Skype call,

FYI: Skype is largest and the best VOIP service provider to the Earth guys, and it’s absolutely free when it’s Skype to Skype calling, anywhere to anywhere, anytime and, audio or video calling quality is just superb, but this consumes large bandwidth of your broadband, so always go for an unlimited broadband plan when using unlimited Skype VOIP calls or have a tab on your ISP bills,

LG and he Panasonic’s VIERA CAST TV makers have partnered and started to embed Skype and are ready to initiate Skype video calling stream on their idiot box (newest generation internet-connected widescreen HDTVs) and will provide free international Skype to Skype video call when ready sometime in 2010, right now the testing for Skype TV is going on at Skype VOIP labs located in Tallinn, Estonia by the Skype team of technicians and engineers,

The Skype enabled TV would have the special webcams with special microphones so one can make the voice calling from the very living room too at ease, and you do not have to get ‘point blank’ or close to the TV, or you never need to shout or make a scream to get yourself heard by your Skype TV, and you know… after this and all, no body could deny the next gen 3D TV from Skype, fingers are crossed!

This is all coming from Skype, LG and Panasonic makers so one can experience truly world class and FREE overseas HD video calls. Skype team recommends that one should get at least 1Mbs symmetric broadband connection to get the best ever possible streaming video cal experience.

Do you know right now one also can make Skype video calls in 720p HD from the laptop or PC?, Skype's 4.2 beta and latest version for Windows actually now supports HD quality stream of video (or its 1280 x 720 resolution at up to 30 frames per second),

Can you think it even for a day that you are living without Google or Skype??? Technology is very fast replacing our lives and lifestyle, do not you agree with me?!

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