REVE Systems Mobile VoIP App Coming on Indian Mobile Phones

Singapore based (its corporate office is located in Singapore and R&D wing is in Bangladesh), REVE Systems which provides for Mobile VOIP App enabler for cell phones is all set to penetrate India!

Reve Systems mobile VOIP app is known as iTel Mobile Dialer and downloading this mobile VOIP app to smart mobiles enables us to call overseas to make ultra low cost phone to phone calls using the mobile phones,

You need the following requisites to make a cheap international VOIP call using mobile phone:

-GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi enabled cellular handset,

-This set should download Reve systems mobile VOIP App (when the App is ready / available to download),

-An access to GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi plan (unlimited plan is preferred as VOIP calls can consume a large bandwidth, hence the bill could be higher if plan is limited),

{The quality of the voice call depends on the speed of your data plan like high speed broadband provides good voice quality over the GPRS!},

As soon Reve Mobile VOIP app dialer hits India the Indians too could make low cost international VOIP call from mobile phones, and an expensive PSTN call to US could be as low as Re 1 or so which is currently Rs 7 to Rs 12 a minute : ) the international calls from Indian mobile phones could be priced as low as the domestic calls or local calls in India,

VOIP technology uses Internet digital packet voice data / broadband / Wi-Fi / GPRS / EDGE / 3G etc connectivity that’s why it’s called as VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) or Simply Internet Protocol calls (IP),

So wait for Reve iTel Mobile Dialer Express revolution in India and enjoy the cheap international calls from mobile than,


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