PokeTalk Dial-in Call from UK & Israel: Call Overseas from Mobile Phones at the Cost of a Local Call From UK, Israel

Poketalk the mobile phone cheap call provider has a new feature now: from UK & Israel you can call internationally (mobile or landlines) via mobile phone at the cost of a local call,

The local dial-in access number from Israel (50 agurot per minute) to the world is 1-900-720-000


And from UK it is 07624-100-180,

Just call these access dial-in number from these respective nations, and no prepayments or registration is ever needed, these are local national numbers and you will be billed in your calling plan as a local call,

The international calls which will be initiate by these local access numbers are absolutely free,

Enjoy free international calls at local call rates from Israel and UK with Poketalk to the rest of the world : )

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