Make Google Free Call over iPhone & Palm WebOS

Google's own telephony service, the Google Voice, announced, that they have a new GV (Google Voice) mobile web app for the Apple iPhone OS3.0 and higher versions and also for the Palm Web OS mobile handsets, 

The newly released GV web apps are HTML5 based versions, and this is rather a new web technology which enables a faster, smoother, rich web based apps experience on the very mobile browsers.

Google Voice Blog: Google Voice for iPhone and Palm WebOS

FYI: Google Voice is the voice calling service from Google and this gives absolutely free calling within USA and also US - Canada, Hawaii, Alaska etc too,


Google Voice on Cellular Phones

Get a Google Phone Number

GV Extension for Chrome

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Anonymous said...

Do you not even read the posts you link to? Google Voice has absolutely nothing to do with VOIP, do the internet a favor and quit posting this gibberish.

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