Apple Ok-s iPhone-VOIP Apps Over 3G, iPad Tablet next VOIP Calling Device

The Apple Inc. recently presented its most lucrative iPad Tablet device to the digital world, this all glittering event and news eclipsed an another important news for the tech and VOIP world, and this is yet another Apple announcement about Apple's updated iPhone SDK (Software development Kit), which now permits VoIP voice calling over a 3G or cellular network!

Apple NOW permits VOIP call over iPhone using 3G / Cellular networks: and iCall having 3G / cellular networks (like AT&T wireless) support is instantly available for your iPhone! iCall is free for Apple iPhone / iPod Touch and is available for a download at the App Store you can always rely on iCall until easy and popular Skype warms up for VOIP calls on iPhone over 3G or cellular networks : ) iCall is perhaps the very first and only VoIP app which works with Apple iPhone and iPod Touch over the cellular 3G networks!

Oh my God, this is a Breaking and BIG news for whole of the VOIP world and is still trying HARD to surface out of the snails' hideouts!

Now the iPhone's / iPod Touch VOIP users and especially the Fring, Skype VoIP etc. lovers could avail VoIP just like any other regular phone to make a voice call OVER 3G or a cellular network, no need to find a hotspot, Wi-Fi or go for an Internet connection now!

VoIP on iPhone now works on 3G cellular networks and as well as Wi-Fis!

I think there could be one reason that why Apple was not ready to open the VOIP route over 3G networks, I guess as Apple's opening up of VOIP over 3G comes simultaneously with the launch of its iPad Tablet device, that’s why it could be possible in the 'mind' of Apple that soon there will be iPad VOIP Phone Calls using 3G networks?!

Apple's opening of 3G networks/lines to use VOIP on its iPhone would benefit a lots of people worldwide and the VOIP Apps developers for iPhone equally, like AT&T's VOIP over iPhone on its 3G network will be on a silky road now,

Hey, do you use Google Voice, provides Free calling in US, Canada, US to Alaska and Hawaii etc, well, Google Voice for Apple iPhone could also take an advantage of opening the 3G / cellular networks for iPhone-VOIP, perhaps this was one of the 'causes' of 'tussle' (between Google, Apple, FCC) of denial of the VOIP app for iPhone to the Google Voice from the app store?!

All is well when end is well : ) and always an Apple a day keeps the doctor away : )

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