Skype Free Call on iPhone at 3G Cellular Networks via Fring route

We know that Apple Inc. has updated its SDK for its iPhone and iPad Tablet and now permitted the 3G cellular networks too to enable an international VOIP call originating from iPhone,

iCall, AT&T, Fring etc have already jumped into this bandwagon and their software are ready to initiate the VOIP call over a 3G cellular network using iPhone, which was only possible over Wi-Fi till now,

But Skype has not updated its iPhone VOIP software till date to make a foreign or domestic call using 3G network, but still you can make unlimited SKYPE TO SKYPE free call with iPhone over a 3G network by downloading for free the FRING VOIP mobile software on your smart iPhone mobile and start making Skype to Skype unlimited free foreign or domestic / local video calling with your Apple iPhone 3GS mobile : )

Apple Ok-s iPhone-VOIP Apps Over 3G, iPad Tablet next VOIP Calling Device

The Apple Inc. recently presented its most lucrative iPad Tablet device to the digital world, this all glittering event and news eclipsed an another important news for the tech and VOIP world, and this is yet another Apple announcement about Apple's updated iPhone SDK (Software development Kit), which now permits VoIP voice calling over a 3G or cellular network!

Apple NOW permits VOIP call over iPhone using 3G / Cellular networks: and iCall having 3G / cellular networks (like AT&T wireless) support is instantly available for your iPhone! iCall is free for Apple iPhone / iPod Touch and is available for a download at the App Store you can always rely on iCall until easy and popular Skype warms up for VOIP calls on iPhone over 3G or cellular networks : ) iCall is perhaps the very first and only VoIP app which works with Apple iPhone and iPod Touch over the cellular 3G networks!

Oh my God, this is a Breaking and BIG news for whole of the VOIP world and is still trying HARD to surface out of the snails' hideouts!

Now the iPhone's / iPod Touch VOIP users and especially the Fring, Skype VoIP etc. lovers could avail VoIP just like any other regular phone to make a voice call OVER 3G or a cellular network, no need to find a hotspot, Wi-Fi or go for an Internet connection now!

VoIP on iPhone now works on 3G cellular networks and as well as Wi-Fis!

I think there could be one reason that why Apple was not ready to open the VOIP route over 3G networks, I guess as Apple's opening up of VOIP over 3G comes simultaneously with the launch of its iPad Tablet device, that’s why it could be possible in the 'mind' of Apple that soon there will be iPad VOIP Phone Calls using 3G networks?!

Apple's opening of 3G networks/lines to use VOIP on its iPhone would benefit a lots of people worldwide and the VOIP Apps developers for iPhone equally, like AT&T's VOIP over iPhone on its 3G network will be on a silky road now,

Hey, do you use Google Voice, provides Free calling in US, Canada, US to Alaska and Hawaii etc, well, Google Voice for Apple iPhone could also take an advantage of opening the 3G / cellular networks for iPhone-VOIP, perhaps this was one of the 'causes' of 'tussle' (between Google, Apple, FCC) of denial of the VOIP app for iPhone to the Google Voice from the app store?!

All is well when end is well : ) and always an Apple a day keeps the doctor away : )

Make Google Free Call over iPhone & Palm WebOS

Google's own telephony service, the Google Voice, announced, that they have a new GV (Google Voice) mobile web app for the Apple iPhone OS3.0 and higher versions and also for the Palm Web OS mobile handsets, 

The newly released GV web apps are HTML5 based versions, and this is rather a new web technology which enables a faster, smoother, rich web based apps experience on the very mobile browsers.

Google Voice Blog: Google Voice for iPhone and Palm WebOS

FYI: Google Voice is the voice calling service from Google and this gives absolutely free calling within USA and also US - Canada, Hawaii, Alaska etc too,


Google Voice on Cellular Phones

Get a Google Phone Number

GV Extension for Chrome

Skype Enabled Streaming HDTV & VOIP Free Calling

The Skype: the people's or global VOIP from EBay guys is initiating now its real time, streaming free call services on high definition (HDTV) Televisions (TV), so you can make an unlimited free Skype to Skype international video call from your LCD / Plasma or any TV,

Yep! Widescreen video calling is a reality of today’s with Skype! Skype announced hat the first gen of Skype enabled HDTVs soon are coming in very 2010 itself, by the spring season : ) so give a smile and talk to your Mom or Dad overseas on a widescreen that’s too on a free Skype to Skype call,

FYI: Skype is largest and the best VOIP service provider to the Earth guys, and it’s absolutely free when it’s Skype to Skype calling, anywhere to anywhere, anytime and, audio or video calling quality is just superb, but this consumes large bandwidth of your broadband, so always go for an unlimited broadband plan when using unlimited Skype VOIP calls or have a tab on your ISP bills,

LG and he Panasonic’s VIERA CAST TV makers have partnered and started to embed Skype and are ready to initiate Skype video calling stream on their idiot box (newest generation internet-connected widescreen HDTVs) and will provide free international Skype to Skype video call when ready sometime in 2010, right now the testing for Skype TV is going on at Skype VOIP labs located in Tallinn, Estonia by the Skype team of technicians and engineers,

The Skype enabled TV would have the special webcams with special microphones so one can make the voice calling from the very living room too at ease, and you do not have to get ‘point blank’ or close to the TV, or you never need to shout or make a scream to get yourself heard by your Skype TV, and you know… after this and all, no body could deny the next gen 3D TV from Skype, fingers are crossed!

This is all coming from Skype, LG and Panasonic makers so one can experience truly world class and FREE overseas HD video calls. Skype team recommends that one should get at least 1Mbs symmetric broadband connection to get the best ever possible streaming video cal experience.

Do you know right now one also can make Skype video calls in 720p HD from the laptop or PC?, Skype's 4.2 beta and latest version for Windows actually now supports HD quality stream of video (or its 1280 x 720 resolution at up to 30 frames per second),

Can you think it even for a day that you are living without Google or Skype??? Technology is very fast replacing our lives and lifestyle, do not you agree with me?!

REVE Systems Mobile VoIP App Coming on Indian Mobile Phones

Singapore based (its corporate office is located in Singapore and R&D wing is in Bangladesh), REVE Systems which provides for Mobile VOIP App enabler for cell phones is all set to penetrate India!

Reve Systems mobile VOIP app is known as iTel Mobile Dialer and downloading this mobile VOIP app to smart mobiles enables us to call overseas to make ultra low cost phone to phone calls using the mobile phones,

You need the following requisites to make a cheap international VOIP call using mobile phone:

-GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi enabled cellular handset,

-This set should download Reve systems mobile VOIP App (when the App is ready / available to download),

-An access to GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi plan (unlimited plan is preferred as VOIP calls can consume a large bandwidth, hence the bill could be higher if plan is limited),

{The quality of the voice call depends on the speed of your data plan like high speed broadband provides good voice quality over the GPRS!},

As soon Reve Mobile VOIP app dialer hits India the Indians too could make low cost international VOIP call from mobile phones, and an expensive PSTN call to US could be as low as Re 1 or so which is currently Rs 7 to Rs 12 a minute : ) the international calls from Indian mobile phones could be priced as low as the domestic calls or local calls in India,

VOIP technology uses Internet digital packet voice data / broadband / Wi-Fi / GPRS / EDGE / 3G etc connectivity that’s why it’s called as VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) or Simply Internet Protocol calls (IP),

So wait for Reve iTel Mobile Dialer Express revolution in India and enjoy the cheap international calls from mobile than,


Skype’s Cross-Border VOIP Communications and Int’l Call Minutes are Astonishing: Congrats Skype You have done it

Skype the aspiration and need of millions-daily, the best VOIP provider and anytime or every time FREE VIDEO TELEPHONY to the world just had revealed that their International calling minutes and Skype to Skype free international VOIP call minutes share to the world has increased by an astonishing rate of 50% as compared to the previous (last) year’s growth,

As we know Skype is one of the best VOIP call providers in the world an E-Bay company established by Estonians, its very popular and has at least 540 million registered global users till date,

They provide for free and unlimited Skype to Skype Video and voice call across the borders / to the world from web, SIP, mobiles or Skype phone etc using the IP technology,

As international voice and telephony and communications is getting down slowed in period of recession, the Skype’s increase of its calling minutes in the global data bank/share is indeed incredible, according to the data just released by TeleGeography: Skype’s share of abroad call minutes has zoomed to 12%, which is an increase of 50% over the last year stats of just 8%,

Skype’s traffic volume is growing at the constant pace and still the Skype is emerged as a world leader in VOIP COMMUNICATIONS and providing the FREE CALL over its excellent P2P VOIP technology provided by Joltid

Long live Skype this world REALLY needs you like Google in their daily lives!

PokeTalk Dial-in Call from UK & Israel: Call Overseas from Mobile Phones at the Cost of a Local Call From UK, Israel

Poketalk the mobile phone cheap call provider has a new feature now: from UK & Israel you can call internationally (mobile or landlines) via mobile phone at the cost of a local call,

The local dial-in access number from Israel (50 agurot per minute) to the world is 1-900-720-000

And from UK it is 07624-100-180,

Just call these access dial-in number from these respective nations, and no prepayments or registration is ever needed, these are local national numbers and you will be billed in your calling plan as a local call,

The international calls which will be initiate by these local access numbers are absolutely free,

Enjoy free international calls at local call rates from Israel and UK with Poketalk to the rest of the world : )

VOIP: Skype Free Call from Haiti to the World

Skype is The Best VOIP provider in the world, and Skype free calling is always and absolutely free Skype to Skype: anytime and from anywhere to anywhere, this VOIP provider to the world has 520 million+ registered user to its data base, with fantastic voice and video calling which ranges from free to cheap unlimited international calling, this is simple, easy to use service even for a kid : )

Well, we know Haiti is right now suffering the worst of the human tragedies and earthquake, we all pray to Almighty and are with the people of Haiti at these moments, but do not forget Skype is also with us all in this harsh times, and has a humanitarian plan for the guys of Haiti,

As we know that most of the guys in Haiti might have lost the connectivity from cell phone or landline coverage so may be the tools like VOIP-Skype could play a vital role in communications,

Skype is sending the free vouchers for US$2 of Skype Credit to all of the registered users in Haiti via their respective registered email within 24 hours from now,

From this small but vital free call credit Haitians can make approx one hour’s worth of phone calls to the US landlines, or other worldwide countries (covered by Skype's global rate list), and approx 15 minutes of phone calls to the Dominican Republic!

T Mobile, USA too had announced that they are providing FREE phone calls to & from Haiti and even roaming is free for its customers there, from January 12, 2009 to Jan 31st, 2009.
Rebtel the popular and Sweden based mobile to mobile phone VOIP provider also had announced its free international call to Haiti:
Rebtel: Mobile to Mobile International Calling, Try First Call Free, Free Registration Open>>>

Google too is supporting its free outbound VoIP calls to Haiti (using Google Voice, and by the use of the Click2Call button),

Vonage too has 10 minutes Free #800 Calls to Haiti:

Cricket is also offering its free voice calls to Haiti like T Mobile,

Thank You Skype, T-Mobile, Rebtel, Google Voice, Cricket ... for this great humanitarian move, and Long Live Haitians we ALL the world community are with you now and always, we are he one world citizens!

VoIP at Lenovo’s LePhone (Android) Smart Mobile Phone?

Notebooks and Laptop brand the Lenovo with China Mobile has just launched its smart mobile phone LePHONE (or OPhone) for China, which uses Google's OS for mobile phones, the 'Android', Android (Andy Rubin, one of its masterminds) is Google's OS platform for mobile phones,

I was thinking for an innovation, that how to add a VoIP capability and make unlimited free international calls from Lenovo's smart mobile LePhone, is it possible? as LePhone is Android based and many VoIP providers now provide their VOIP services for Android like popular one: Skype Lite, TruPhone, Fring, iSkoot, Nimbuzz, SIPdroid etc,

These all VOIP for Android mobile apps are available via free or paid download from Android market which is a market place to download software on Android based devices, like Apple iTune Store is made for Apple iPhone and ipod touch etc,

But to me the problem seems, how to run VOIP voice apps on Android based Lenovo's LePhone is that, as LePhone uses 2.1 version of Android, and also it does not offer the Android Market or the compatibility with current Android apps on the market, than what to do and how to download VOIP apps on this cute smart LePhone Lenovo’s mobile device which is currently poised for China?

May be anybody could suggest or try to download manually the Android Marketplace on LePhone or OPhone by using following methods, just research and please post your success here : )

Watch on YouTube LePhone Android 2.1:


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