VoIP at Cell Phone: Fring's Free LIVE Video Call on Nokia, Apple iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch

The Israel based mobile VOIP and communication company Fring, who provides for the software for smart cell phones and Apple iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch is making wonders, now Fring has revolutionized its mobile phone software using which anybody can make LIVE and unlimited Free international call (VOIP) Fring to Fring, Skype, GTalk, anywhere in the world, just they need a smart cell phone (Nokia) or an iPhone or iPod touch etc!

Than they have to download the Fring app on it and make sure they have the Wi-Fi broadband connectivity, and to who they are calling also should have the Fring software loaded on his / her mobile phone!

But the problem in video call with iPhone 3GS is that it has a camera on its back, so it makes no sense to point the camera and shoot your own face (while at the same time being able to see the little screen, as in the Nokia N Series smart mobile phone etc you can do it easily with double cams), so unfortunately the current Fring mobile software version for Apple iPhone 3GS allows the video calling BUT virtually permits for ONLY incoming video calling streams!

Fring is the multi award winner in mobile phone VOIP software communication segment, its rather a social network who specializes in VOIP and mobile communications, Fring seamlessly can integrate its software for VOIP voice calling, IM globally and its all free Fring to Fring,

Fring has a power to integrate Skype, GTalk, Twitter, FaceBook, AIM etc, just visit their clean and beautiful colourful website, how it pretty it looks,

By providing unlimited Live video broadcasting on go, or international FREE (Fring to Fring) voice calls using the Wi-Fi on Nokia Symbian smart devices and iPhone / iPod Touch Fring has presented this world one of the most needed thing, and that’s the LOVELY video communication technology on go which is truly mobile in its way, everybody loves the FREE unlimited international or national video call on go but many telecom providers working locally can make hassles when you have to find a Wi-Fi or a hotspot, or all things could go hassle,

PS: Fring’s new video feature also PERMITS guys with a certain Nokia smart handsets to make video call using 3G data-network (no Wi-Fi ever needed),

Hey, do not use Fring’s LIVE video call while in toilet or use it one way with iPhone / iPod Touch not with Nokia two way video call! : )

World’s first Fring and Skype mobile video calls over internet!





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