Skype Video Call Streaming Broadcast from a Rally Car

We know Skype is the best VOIP for the Earth calling from anywhere to anywhere, I mean my words as Skype is the best because the first thing it is my favourite VOIP service, its access is always comes with an ease, the voice and video calls are unlimited, free from Skype to Skype from anywhere to anywhere, anytime, 24 x 7 x 365 , the voice and video quality of free calls are superb in the world with Skype's advance P2P technology (now Skype version 4.2 too has been released) provided by Joltid and the best things it does not requires computer or any tech skills, even your Grandma can use the Skype VOIP national or international call from PC or a Skype enabled video phone with an ease!

Now Skype has added one more feather to its cap and its a Skype Video Call Streaming Broadcast done from a rally car by Jaan Kronberg a Skyper in Estonia, from where the Ebay company Skype actually belongs to : )

Jaan Kronberg seems to be an innovative Skype employee who's life at Skype is full of VOIP technology and its lighter and fun side : ) With the help of few Skype4Py wrapper for the Skype API, Panasonic Tough book (laptop), webcams, a few gadgets and Internet / broadband he successfully managed to stream the video cast within a rally car from the Skype!

If you are too interested in Skype live video beaming than never miss this piece of informative and entertaining article,

Thank you Jaan for sharing this life time Skypexperience! Take care!


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