PokeTALK’s Scheduled Global Call, Local Numbers and Holidays Free Call Promo

Poketalk is Israel based global voice phone calling service, and is NEVER to be confused with a VOIP service, its NOT a VOIP company; instead they are the global phone calling service, they provide FREE calls (approx to 55 nations) and cheap international calls to the world,

{PokeTALK offers the lowest calling rates up to 95% lower than most calling providers and allows users to call over 55 destinations worldwide – free. With PokeTALK, there are no monthly fees or connection charges: users only pay for time they speak},
PokeTALK provides the simplest telephony services from users' own phone or mobile or landline, in any country, this global phone call provider eliminates the need for adapters, microphones or headphones to make calls and is unlike most online services that require users to download software onto their computer, which slows down the computer when the application is running.

PokeTALK’s Scheduled Global Call and Local Numbers:

Poketalk has initiated a new feature to its global calling service and is known as: Scheduled Calls and Local Numbers Feature, the Poketalk also has the holiday discounts for the ongoing holidays and Christmas season worldwide,

To schedule a call and add to the calendar, any users may select the date and time of the call, the contact’s phone number and a brief description of the purpose of the call (for reference purposes) and then click "Add." Users have the option to receive an SMS/text message reminder 5 minutes prior to when they have a scheduled call. The beauty of this feature is that the user will receive a phone call from PokeTALK that will automatically connect them to their contact for the time the call was scheduled. This is perfect for when users are out of the office or home and time may have passed them by – with PokeTALK to their rescue, they get a phone call that connects them immediately to their scheduled call.

PokeTalk Holidays Promo for Talkfree7 Readers:

{Update: This promo has been ended, thanks Talkfree7 global readers for your overwhelming response!}

Thanks to dear Dorine for providing Free International Calls to select first 20 Talkfree7 readers who will request FIRST for this : ) no strings attached and nothing to do, just send a MAIL TO [email protected] and request for free call promo password, this is limited to only first 20 email received in that order,

Each (first 20) user will receive $5 credit to his / her account, you have to just sign up / register an account first with www.poketalk.com and then use / enter the free coupon code (you will receive from us, first 20 guys only), and you will get $5 worth of free international calls!!! So feel free to login yourself to check out PokeTALK’s global calling services!



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