Improve the PBX or UC with Skype for SIP Open Beta

Skype's Beta Programme (SIP) opens to integrate the existing business IP telephony / PBX / Unified Communications (UC) systems with Skype's popular VoIP services:

Andy Abramson rightly pronounced a hello to the Skype Pipe!

So Skype for SIP goes public and is in open beta, The VOIP brand leader Skype has created another history by throwing its Skype pipe into the eagerly waiting corporate markets worldwide!

Skype for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol, is a standards-based protocol) is now permitting the corporate and small, mid and large sized businesses to enhance the existing SIP enabled PBX along with Skype functionality, Skype has moulded the business internet voice communications onto a new communication road by opening the Skype for SIP Beta.

The corporate or businesses can now mould their existing SIP-enabled PBX or Unified Communications (UC) systems, and can integrate Skype for SIP, by no need for any or new hardware or software. Now the good thing is that businesses or corporate can go for Skype's SIP enabled PBX system to make enable the Skype IP call, which could be dialled from the desk phones and at the Skype's cheap or low rates and we know Skype to Skype calling is always free worldwide,

Skype for SIP allows the corporate to receive the voice call at the existing VOIP phone systems, from global Skype users, all for FREE! And for SIP open beta the Skype's new and introductory prices for the monthly channel subscription is €4.95 / $6.95 a channel,

Maxim Integrated Products is a Fortune 1000 company which already has initiated the testing of Skype for SIP, Maxim Integrated designs and makes the high performance semiconductor products, used in industry and communications etc, the Maxim Integrated Products has already installed Skype's desktop software to 2000+ employees in approx 70 locations, globally till date, this all ultra modern VOIP call system is already started to save big money for them and has already saved whopping thousands of dollars on long distance and International voice calling!

Skype VOIP is all set to change the world of voice telephony from cheap international calling to free international voice Internet calling with its innovative and most modern technology!

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