How to Turn Apple iPod Touch into a Cell Phone with Vopium Software

Vopium for mobile phone is a smart application or software which allows anyone to make FREE Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi voice call from Vopium to Vopium mobile phones users' when both are in a Wi-Fi zone!

Vopium has something innovative now in the free and cheap voice calling arena, and they claim to turn your Apple iPod touch (second generation) into a cellular Phone, just rely on their Vopium app for cell phones and its always free to download Vopium software!

Connect Apple iPod to WiFi zone > make calls / send text messages (over internet) just like using your normal mobile number,

Nothing to pay to your mobile operator or carrier, but you still have to pay for Vopium’s low cost international call rates, … unless both of you and to whom you are calling are in a Wi-Fi zone and both have VOPIUM software installed on their mobile device or iPod Touch (second generation),

Using this method one can easily do unlimited free international or national voice calls from cell phones or Apple iPod Touch, just both the parties need to have in Wi-Fi zone and both have a Vopium App installed on their respective handsets or mobile device, which is free to install!

This also works for Apple iPhone (and yes, to make voice calling from Apple iPod Touch you also need to have a microphone adapter),

Try Vopium Business for FREE:

Vopium also offers Business service for corporate and companies and offers a free trial of two weeks to test their innovation in mobile voice call technology, during this free trial period five of key employees of the company testing it can make call all over the world for FREE! with Vopium.

If interested in trying Vopium cell phone app for businesses than go here:

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