VoIP at Cell Phone: Fring's Free LIVE Video Call on Nokia, Apple iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch

The Israel based mobile VOIP and communication company Fring, who provides for the software for smart cell phones and Apple iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch is making wonders, now Fring has revolutionized its mobile phone software using which anybody can make LIVE and unlimited Free international call (VOIP) Fring to Fring, Skype, GTalk, anywhere in the world, just they need a smart cell phone (Nokia) or an iPhone or iPod touch etc!

Than they have to download the Fring app on it and make sure they have the Wi-Fi broadband connectivity, and to who they are calling also should have the Fring software loaded on his / her mobile phone!

But the problem in video call with iPhone 3GS is that it has a camera on its back, so it makes no sense to point the camera and shoot your own face (while at the same time being able to see the little screen, as in the Nokia N Series smart mobile phone etc you can do it easily with double cams), so unfortunately the current Fring mobile software version for Apple iPhone 3GS allows the video calling BUT virtually permits for ONLY incoming video calling streams!

Fring is the multi award winner in mobile phone VOIP software communication segment, its rather a social network who specializes in VOIP and mobile communications, Fring seamlessly can integrate its software for VOIP voice calling, IM globally and its all free Fring to Fring,

Fring has a power to integrate Skype, GTalk, Twitter, FaceBook, AIM etc, just visit their clean and beautiful colourful website, how it pretty it looks,

By providing unlimited Live video broadcasting on go, or international FREE (Fring to Fring) voice calls using the Wi-Fi on Nokia Symbian smart devices and iPhone / iPod Touch Fring has presented this world one of the most needed thing, and that’s the LOVELY video communication technology on go which is truly mobile in its way, everybody loves the FREE unlimited international or national video call on go but many telecom providers working locally can make hassles when you have to find a Wi-Fi or a hotspot, or all things could go hassle,

PS: Fring’s new video feature also PERMITS guys with a certain Nokia smart handsets to make video call using 3G data-network (no Wi-Fi ever needed),

Hey, do not use Fring’s LIVE video call while in toilet or use it one way with iPhone / iPod Touch not with Nokia two way video call! : )

World’s first Fring and Skype mobile video calls over internet!





Make Free Calls from South Africa, DID / Local Access Gateway Numbers available

Freedom Calls is already providing free calls from Australia, New Zealand, UK and now its newest venture has started from South Africa, so the S. Africans too can enjoy the Free International calls, where the international calls or VOIP calls bears too heavy charges, {yes but Skype to Skype broadband Video calling is always free from everywhere to everywhere, anytime, any day (Skype.com is world’s leading Video calling VOIP or VvOIP provider},


Well, according to the site, Freedom calls South Africa has three type of local access numbers (local access DID numbers) to make international free phone to phone (landline or cellular) calls to the world from S Africa (use your free minutes included in your call plan), and they are as:

0875 10 20 37

(Cell C)
0841 97 00 01

0822 31 92 85

To make a free call from South Africa, you have to do this:
Dial any of the above access number and follow the prompt > Format - Prefix 00 + Country Code + Destination No. + #

Use your existing phone (mobile or landline) to make a free overseas calling and you just have to pay the local charges to your service provider / local gateway access number to dial local access number or use your free minutes which may be included in your calling plan!

List of free destinations which are available to make free VOIP phone to phone international calls from SA:




Cheers!!! South Africans this Holidays / Christmas, enjoy...

$5 Talkster Free World Dialling: S. Africa, Japan, Brazil Added

Luxembourg based Talkster is giving away its trial $5 free international phone calls to celebrate this year's Christmas & holidays season, so one may be able to call many countries with its what they called as: Free World Dialling (Talkster's Free World Dialling is a free call service for making absolutely free long distance or international / group conference calling from any phone - to any phone - on any network)! And Talkster's free world dialing included now 50+ nations which counts for Brazil, Japan and South Africa too,

Talkster's Free World Dialling or free world calling provides its consumers a joy to dial free international / long distance voice calls using the cell phones, landlines, computers or VoIP phones. Nothing to register, no credit card or Paypal info is ever needed, no software or downloads etc just to use new Talkster service; you only need but your existing phone! But a short Advert / special personalized offer will cover the cost of every free phone call and it never be disruptive to the callers, what this is the Talkster claim : )

So give a try the free international calls worth $5 now, and also one can than make dial unlimited cheap overseas calls anywhere in the world for a low price tag like 0.8 cents a minute and so!

The free call promo is a result as Talkster and Rebtel (an another popular and nice Sweden based VOIP company which provides for trial free call, free calls from its free zone nations and cheap international calls from phone to phone, no pc, or net needed) have joined the forces to provide the worldwide customers the Free World Dialling from over 50 nations, and the cheap world calls!

No doubt Talkster believes in its motto: With FREE international, long distance, and conference calling, Talkster asks, "Who will you call?"

About Talkster:


About Rbtel:




Skype Video Call Streaming Broadcast from a Rally Car

We know Skype is the best VOIP for the Earth calling from anywhere to anywhere, I mean my words as Skype is the best because the first thing it is my favourite VOIP service, its access is always comes with an ease, the voice and video calls are unlimited, free from Skype to Skype from anywhere to anywhere, anytime, 24 x 7 x 365 , the voice and video quality of free calls are superb in the world with Skype's advance P2P technology (now Skype version 4.2 too has been released) provided by Joltid and the best things it does not requires computer or any tech skills, even your Grandma can use the Skype VOIP national or international call from PC or a Skype enabled video phone with an ease!

Now Skype has added one more feather to its cap and its a Skype Video Call Streaming Broadcast done from a rally car by Jaan Kronberg a Skyper in Estonia, from where the Ebay company Skype actually belongs to : )

Jaan Kronberg seems to be an innovative Skype employee who's life at Skype is full of VOIP technology and its lighter and fun side : ) With the help of few Skype4Py wrapper for the Skype API, Panasonic Tough book (laptop), webcams, a few gadgets and Internet / broadband he successfully managed to stream the video cast within a rally car from the Skype!

If you are too interested in Skype live video beaming than never miss this piece of informative and entertaining article,

Thank you Jaan for sharing this life time Skypexperience! Take care!


How to Turn Apple iPod Touch into a Cell Phone with Vopium Software

Vopium for mobile phone is a smart application or software which allows anyone to make FREE Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi voice call from Vopium to Vopium mobile phones users' when both are in a Wi-Fi zone!


Vopium has something innovative now in the free and cheap voice calling arena, and they claim to turn your Apple iPod touch (second generation) into a cellular Phone, just rely on their Vopium app for cell phones and its always free to download Vopium software!



Connect Apple iPod to WiFi zone > make calls / send text messages (over internet) just like using your normal mobile number,

Nothing to pay to your mobile operator or carrier, but you still have to pay for Vopium’s low cost international call rates, … unless both of you and to whom you are calling are in a Wi-Fi zone and both have VOPIUM software installed on their mobile device or iPod Touch (second generation),

Using this method one can easily do unlimited free international or national voice calls from cell phones or Apple iPod Touch, just both the parties need to have in Wi-Fi zone and both have a Vopium App installed on their respective handsets or mobile device, which is free to install!

This also works for Apple iPhone (and yes, to make voice calling from Apple iPod Touch you also need to have a microphone adapter),

Try Vopium Business for FREE:

Vopium also offers Business service for corporate and companies and offers a free trial of two weeks to test their innovation in mobile voice call technology, during this free trial period five of key employees of the company testing it can make call all over the world for FREE! with Vopium.

If interested in trying Vopium cell phone app for businesses than go here:



PokeTALK’s Scheduled Global Call, Local Numbers and Holidays Free Call Promo

Poketalk is Israel based global voice phone calling service, and is NEVER to be confused with a VOIP service, its NOT a VOIP company; instead they are the global phone calling service, they provide FREE calls (approx to 55 nations) and cheap international calls to the world,

{PokeTALK offers the lowest calling rates up to 95% lower than most calling providers and allows users to call over 55 destinations worldwide – free. With PokeTALK, there are no monthly fees or connection charges: users only pay for time they speak},
PokeTALK provides the simplest telephony services from users' own phone or mobile or landline, in any country, this global phone call provider eliminates the need for adapters, microphones or headphones to make calls and is unlike most online services that require users to download software onto their computer, which slows down the computer when the application is running.

PokeTALK’s Scheduled Global Call and Local Numbers:

Poketalk has initiated a new feature to its global calling service and is known as: Scheduled Calls and Local Numbers Feature, the Poketalk also has the holiday discounts for the ongoing holidays and Christmas season worldwide,

To schedule a call and add to the calendar, any users may select the date and time of the call, the contact’s phone number and a brief description of the purpose of the call (for reference purposes) and then click "Add." Users have the option to receive an SMS/text message reminder 5 minutes prior to when they have a scheduled call. The beauty of this feature is that the user will receive a phone call from PokeTALK that will automatically connect them to their contact for the time the call was scheduled. This is perfect for when users are out of the office or home and time may have passed them by – with PokeTALK to their rescue, they get a phone call that connects them immediately to their scheduled call.

PokeTalk Holidays Promo for Talkfree7 Readers:

{Update: This promo has been ended, thanks Talkfree7 global readers for your overwhelming response!}

Thanks to dear Dorine for providing Free International Calls to select first 20 Talkfree7 readers who will request FIRST for this : ) no strings attached and nothing to do, just send a MAIL TO [email protected] and request for free call promo password, this is limited to only first 20 email received in that order,

Each (first 20) user will receive $5 credit to his / her account, you have to just sign up / register an account first with www.poketalk.com and then use / enter the free coupon code (you will receive from us, first 20 guys only), and you will get $5 worth of free international calls!!! So feel free to login yourself to check out PokeTALK’s global calling services!



Travel & Make Free Mobile Calls From New Zealand

Make Unlimited Free International Call from New Zealand Mobiles at local rates: Dial one of these Access Numbers: 0283000500 or 0283000900 (note down and share with yours in NZ)

Oh yes Kiwis! its for You, Christmas and New Year are coming, Talkfree7 has launched the free international VOIP mobile to phone calling services from NZ to the rest of world (no PC or net required), try free call this Christmas and holiday season, make whole of the year and like them recommend them to yours living or traveling to NZ,

Not to remind that New Zealand is one of the finest places to live or to travel in the world and also according to our favorite Lonely Planet Guide series...

If you are in the New Zealand or going for a holiday or vacations or for travel, than you can make the unlimited free international calls from NZ mobile phone to the world from New Zealand using your un-used plan minutes, no contracts, no fine prints, nothing to buy, no credit card info needed, no PINs, no pre payments etc,

Just dial one of the above access numbers from NZ mobile phones and you will be able to make the free international calls at the local charges, yes only local charges to your carrier will apply and the international leg of the call will be absolutely free, just give a small try, if happy, than share the results with yours living in Newzealand so they can save big money on international calling from NZ and thats too from mobile phones, no computer or internet access is ever required, just a cell phone and above featured NZ access numbers.

Fring2Skype Free VOIP International Video Call For Nokia N Symbian S60 Smart Mobile Phones via Wi-Fi or 3G

Fring is the most innovative of all mobile VOIP applications, based in Israel! The latest innovation in Mobile VOIP arena by Fring is that for the very first time in the world's telephony history it has brought the Fring and Skype Video call on smart mobile handsets on go, now everything seems to be at go and within an ease of access zone : )

Rebtel Computer Call: Talk Skype Friends with Phone Rebtel VOIP

Hey our Global Mates!

This was Alex today, yeah Alexander Drewniak of Team Rebtel (the phone to phone VOIP provider from Sweden, Europe), Alex personally congratulated Talkfree7 : ) and revealed, that the Rebtel guys too are the frequent readers of Telephoon VOIP blog in Rebtel's office : )

So nice of you, Alex, say it with flowers!!! this is really a great badge of inspiration for Talkfree7, its team and its worldwide readers' in 200+ countries now, this is all because of you / them only, we do exist, Thank you Rebtel and our personal thanks and wishes to Alex for taking the time,

We here at Talkfree7 too are big fan of Skype, Rebtel and Fring the VOIP makers to the world!

Breaking News:

Make Call to Skype Friends with Phone Rebtel VOIP

Well, the news of the day is now here: Alex also shared us that, "Yesterday, we (Rebtel, the phone to phone VOIP) introduced a new service in Beta called Computer Calls. It allows to make calls to your Rebtel contacts using your regular Skype client, it lets you call friends on their Skype Names directly from your phone and it lets you receive incoming calls in your Skype client before having them go through to your regular phone."


Improve the PBX or UC with Skype for SIP Open Beta

Skype's Beta Programme (SIP) opens to integrate the existing business IP telephony / PBX / Unified Communications (UC) systems with Skype's popular VoIP services:

Andy Abramson rightly pronounced a hello to the Skype Pipe!

So Skype for SIP goes public and is in open beta, The VOIP brand leader Skype has created another history by throwing its Skype pipe into the eagerly waiting corporate markets worldwide!

Skype for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol, is a standards-based protocol) is now permitting the corporate and small, mid and large sized businesses to enhance the existing SIP enabled PBX along with Skype functionality, Skype has moulded the business internet voice communications onto a new communication road by opening the Skype for SIP Beta.

The corporate or businesses can now mould their existing SIP-enabled PBX or Unified Communications (UC) systems, and can integrate Skype for SIP, by no need for any or new hardware or software. Now the good thing is that businesses or corporate can go for Skype's SIP enabled PBX system to make enable the Skype IP call, which could be dialled from the desk phones and at the Skype's cheap or low rates and we know Skype to Skype calling is always free worldwide,

Skype for SIP allows the corporate to receive the voice call at the existing VOIP phone systems, from global Skype users, all for FREE! And for SIP open beta the Skype's new and introductory prices for the monthly channel subscription is €4.95 / $6.95 a channel,

Maxim Integrated Products is a Fortune 1000 company which already has initiated the testing of Skype for SIP, Maxim Integrated designs and makes the high performance semiconductor products, used in industry and communications etc, the Maxim Integrated Products has already installed Skype's desktop software to 2000+ employees in approx 70 locations, globally till date, this all ultra modern VOIP call system is already started to save big money for them and has already saved whopping thousands of dollars on long distance and International voice calling!

Skype VOIP is all set to change the world of voice telephony from cheap international calling to free international voice Internet calling with its innovative and most modern technology!

Squareup WAP Mobile Payments: Twitter Co-Founder's Latest Innovation in Wireless Technology

Squareup WAP Mobile Payments: Twitter Co-Founder's Latest Innovation in Wireless Technology


Wireless, WAP, Mobility, VOIP and telecom is heading towards a direction where there is no looking back, here comes an another innovation by Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey, he has a start-up WAP mobile phone payments solution company named as Squareup or Square!

The mobile WAP / mobile phone payment company Squareup permits anyone having a cellular phone or a laptop / desktop PC and also have a headphone jack to accept the plastic cards or credit cards payments, just by the help of a tiny sized plug-in dongle,

There is no need to buy the expensive credit-cards processing machines or hardware equipment, you are just ready to accept credit cards using mobile phone or laptop while on the go and anywhere or everywhere, Squareup also provides a solution for the payments done mobile receipts and a verification etc to make the mobile payment system most foolproof,

Right now Squareup, the WAP mobile phone payment solution company is in a private beta mode. Squareup is backed by Khosla Ventures!

Squareup claims: "0 to $60 in under 10 seconds. Start accepting payment cards immediately with Square. No contracts, monthly fees, or hidden costs. Effortlessly manage all the money you take with an easy and intuitive interface ... Swipe it. Read payment cards from any device with an audio input jack, including your mobile phone. Accepting payments has never been faster or more convenient."

The Squareup users do not need to go for any type of contracts or legality, no monthly fees, no fine prints or hidden costs,

Square is right now working with a few groups of select companies as it’s in private beta mode, and has aggressive plans to jump in 2010, right now Square WAP mobile payment solution works with Apple's iPhone and iPod touch!

Square is going crazy backed by the latest in technology and venture, the name of micro blogging giant the TWITER brand is also associated with this gives a boost ahead of its competitors and is all set to make the credit card processing cheap, innovative, quick and transparent way via using mobile phones and or PC!






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