VOIP-Japan: Make Free Calls to Twenty One Countries, Phone To Phone, No Internet or PC Required


Place free International Phone To Phone Calls from Japan via local access gateway phone number: 03-4580-0235 or 03-4580-0236 (Tokyo numbers) just at the rates of local call charges, (no need to register, no PIN, no annoying time killing ads to listen, use your regular mobile or landline with existing phone number, no Internet or PC required),

Azabutel has a VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology or IP network which permits to make the web based voice calls directly using any phone instead of placing a voice call using the PC,

Azabutel is rather a new VOIP entrant to the global scene, and what they offer is the free international phone to phone calling (but at local call rates on their local access number using call termination technology) from Japan to twenty one countries at present, which includes the North America, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore etc,

Also from Japan (or Nippon) one can make the free international calls to these nations' landline (not mobile):

Puerto Rico ; Moscow, St Petersburg ; Spain ; Sweden ; UK ; Buenos Aires, Cordoba ; Germany ; Hungary ; Israel ; Mexico City ; Poland ; Melbourne, Sydney ; Denmark ; France ; Ireland

Thus anybody living, visiting or travelling in Japan can make the free international voice calls from regular phone to phone (cellular or landline to cellular or landline) to the above mentioned countries, using Tokyo's local access gateway numbers at the rate of a local call,

(Just do not forget to check the local call rates to the above access numbers from your telco before proceeding to make a long or unlimited VOIP phone call)

Also remember to check with your telecom operator, may be the Tokyo calling numbers are free (or if not) in your calling plan,

... If they are free to call Tokyo numbers, then your overseas calling will be absolutely free from anywhere in Japan (phone to phone without Internet or PC) as even your local calls to the above mentioned access gateway number too would be then free : )


According to Wikipedia: “Azabu (麻布) is an area within Minato in Tokyo, Japan, built on a marshy area of foothills south of central Tokyo….”



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