Google Voice Invite, Get it now

VOIP world is on the shake, Google has acquired the Gizmo5: SIP-Phone and VOIP pundits are expecting now something innovative and big will go with Google's popular: Google Voice now,

Google Voice is currently available only in US / Canada and only by an invitation, but if you do not have any invite or don’t know how to get one, than you can get an UNUSED Google Voice invite here:

This invite is available on eBay for a small price, not bad for free unlimited phone calls in and from USA,

About Google Voice:

Google Voice is popular phone service (free to cheap) telephony in US / Canada, which gives unlimited free calls in USA, Canada and also free international calls from US to Hawaii, Alaska etc,

Google Voice provides for free number for lifetime and when a call comes, all of your phone rings at the same time and its your choice to pick the desired one,

Google Voice is free to make call in US and from US, its for ease, comfort, reliability, and innovative future telecom technology!

Now Google has acquired the Gizmo5, popular web based SIP Phone / VOIP than the internationals soon could expect Google VOICE reach in their respective nations, and free web or VOIP calls to the world with Google voice soon could be a reality,

The current VOIP King SKYPE has approx 500 million registered global users and Google + Gizmo combo can boost up a straight global telephony competition with Skype, The VOIP KING!

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