Unlimited, Free, Phone to Phone Calls to the World, From UK and Brazil, using Local Access Number




The above featured site claims to provide unlimited free calling to the world from UK and Brazil local access numbers, phone to phone, no Internet (VOIP) or PC ever required, just your existing phone and your existing number, that’s it,

You only have to pay the local charges to dial local access number in UK and / or Brazil and International calling than would be free of all charges, but pl be sure to check your local access charges before you go for a long trail : )

They say, there is no contract and even no registration to use this free international phone to phone calling service from UK and Brazil except but to pay the local charges to your telecom operator,

The local access phone numbers for UK, Brazil are given on the above featured site itself, the USA too was there in the list, a few days back but can not say why did they removed the local access numbers from USA?

The list of nations where the free international phone to phone calls are allowed is given on this ONE PAGE website itself, there are select countries like USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore in the list where an international call to the mobile numbers is also permitted from UK and / or Brazil phones...

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