Skype Creates History for its Online Users, Placing VOIP Calls: 20 Million Skypers 'Online', simultaneously at-the same-time!

Congrats Skype! the unmatched and unchallenged King of P2P-VoIP voice telephony, for creating the history and yet another milestone and this time the world record, yes Skype passed the milestone when its 20 million global users (Skypers) were online at the same time, simultaneously, its a BIG feast for any VOIP provider,

We know is the best FREE international, unlimited voice and video call provider to the world via Internet, as its P2P (Joltid) technology provides for Skype to Skype free unlimited overseas calls anywhere to anywhere, anytime around the globe,

Skype latest tech and its latest versions provides for the crystal clear voice and video talking experience,

Skype is happy and seems to be at proud, when it says as: "...Right now, there are 20 million people around the world, saying hello (or bonjour, or hola, or 喂, or tere) to their parents across continents..."

This is not only the number game but the 'game' of innovation and the technology in VOIP voice and video calling, Skype has changed the way people make call around the world,

Today at least two things are daily part and parcel in the life of a Netizen and they are Google and Skype, can you think or imagine to live in the virtual or actual world without being Google or Skype even for only 24 hours : )

That’s make the sense and the use of technology for the masse, and Skype no doubt is the King of VOIP and will remain always, Best of Luck Skype, you have done it, SAY IT WITH FLOWERS ...


How SKYPE was named or coined? do you know?

All about Skype VOIP

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