SIP-Phone Gizmo5 goes Google for $30,000,000 after AdMob

Congrats! Google, You have done it, say it with flowers!!!

Big news for the web and VOIP world enthusiasts, Google is all set to be no. one VOIP company in this world, the BIG G is acquiring the 'tiny' ones!

Recently the Google acquired the AdMob, the mobile phone Ads company and now the same Google has also grabbed the GIZMO5 (SIP Phone) for a whopping US $30,000,000, 'G(oogle)' is the word which stands for VOIP now,

I can see the future when Skype and Google will become the two and only giants in the VOIP segment, the competition is open and hot and one thing is for sure that the web users are all set for a wonderful and the best VOIP technology in coming times, and the world will san boundaries in telephony in short future now,

There were the rumours that the SKYPE (as the Gizmo5’s SIP phone telephony was able to replace Skype proprietary (Joltid) P2P back end), the VOIP King will acquire the Gizmo5 as the search engine giant Google has acquired the SIP phone company Gizmo5, so may be or soon we can see Gizmo5 integrated with many Google voice services like Gmail, Gtalk or Google Voice VOIP etc,

As you know that the Gizmo5 is a SIP based VOIP telephony that can embedded with most of the Google telecom products viz. Gtalk, Google Voice etc,

The Gogle's Gtalk make use of the protocols: SIP and Jabber, and Gizmo5 SIP Phone telephony makes the use of SIP protocol to make a call between SIP clients and the ordinary phones, the both products connectivity will pave the way to connect with ordinary phones using Google's GTalk,

Vikas of has raised a nice question that if GTalk, the Google Voice and the Gizmo5 are well integrated, than may be Google has to launch a new VOIP or voice service? Time will tell,


Facts about Google's acquisition of AdMob:

Unlimited Free Calls Using Google Voice and Gizmo:


Vikas said...

Yes we hope that Google will launch a full fledge FREE VoIP service worldwide, as its most of the services are free.

Google is number 1 online advertisers.., thay have already acquired admob and they can use this advertising platform and may allow its users to call free.

dynamic-dormant said...

This is a huge news. Google is becoming a giant day-by-day. I am currently working in Taiwan. Would like to see Google providing a cheaper PC to phone calling solution.

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