Make Free VOIP Call via Yahoo Chat Messenger: PC to Cell Phone on any Network Worldwide

For the Internet users and the lovers of free international VOIP web call, here is a tip, that how to make a free unlimited VOIP call using Yahoo Messenger (PC to cell phone or any phone, any network, anywhere),

We know Skype to Skype VOIP call are always free with superb video calling experience, but it’s free only when it’s Skype to Skype,

Now make the web calls from Yahoo Messenger i.e. PC to phones worldwide,

You should have:

- A PC with / and headphone microphone etc,
- The latest version of the Yahoo chat Messenger (download free from
- The phone number where you desire to make phone call, anywhere in the world,

Now, read the below mentioned article which explains everything to make a free unlimited international VOIP call using Yahoo messenger using Internet and WWW,


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