Google Weds Skype? GooglePhone; Google Voice; Skype and Free Calling

Here is an interesting piece of read about much hyped & speculated and so called 'leakage' of Google's Android (code named Flan) OS based future smart phone: The Googlephone:

I cant confirm the source or the authenticity for this piece of the article which did surfaced in the , but the writer of this post seems to be very excited to tell all of us that Google is all set to release and launch its system, which will offer free call - and it further claims that these free calls will come along with, what he says as: the 'mother of all handsets'.

They claim that future is GOOGLE, from web searching to everything on net and VOICE CALLING, phone hardware and software, its only Google who would rule and dictate the terms on the virtual and actual world in telecom and communications, Skype seems to be at the stake according to this interesting article,

Google-phone if and when will hit the world shelves would be Google's own telephony system having Google's own OS named as ANDROID, and will use Google's own phone system known as Google Voice, which provides for a free phone number for life in US and provides for the unlimited free phone calls from USA and Canada and one also can make unlimited free international calling from US to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii,

But this old Grand Central or now known as Google Voice is only available through an invitation and it could be asked from a friend or family etc who already have a Google Voice connection,

Recently Google has acquired the web based SIP-soft phone company Gizmo5, which also pioneers in providing free internet broadband web call using VOIP or SIP technology to the worldwide users,

And with these all combinations of Google’s Cloud: the GooglePhone, Android OS, Google Voice, Gizmo5, the real world soon would experience a thrilling telecom phenomenon in free worldwide telephony, everything would be global and GOOGLE! Sky will be the limit and there will be strong competition between Google's telephony and SKYPE's proprietary P2P VOIP system,

Interestingly I can also foresee the future alliance and a possibility where Google and Skype VOIP would join hands! Like, as we know that Skype P2P voice and video telephony software uses the broadband to provide unlimited free voice and video calling to other Skypers,

But if Google (or vice versa) is able to get a success with Skype and get succeeded in up-linking its VOIP, the Google Voice services to Skype and most other global VOIP networks, than the user will be the real King, as it would than pave the way to make a free unlimited voice and video international long-distance call to a “real” phone number using the web or VOIP on phone to phone!

Skype already is #1 VOIP free call service in the world having 440 millions+ registered global users and if Google-Skype VOIP combines, than they have the reach in each and every territory of the world with many of the local telecom operators eager to take the advantage of this unique global revenue making combination, the telecom world be than free of wires, charges and free call everywhere would be a reality,

This is not my wild guess, I know this is for certain and going to happen in our near future, just wait for my prediction to come true,

Let us all wait for the morphing point where Google and Skype blend! And will make a honeymoon than thereafter : )



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