Google ChromeOS & Flash VOIP: Flaphone, TringMe, First VoIP Clients Surfaces

Flaphone, the Flash VOIP in Google Chrome Operating System (OS):

Google just had released its own and very first Chrome OS version, the browser-based OS (FYI: Googles ChromeOS has in-built Flash Player), Flaphone team had tried it and they did found that there is the Flash Player has been built-in, but what does this means to a layman, well, it simply means that this Flaphone Flash VOIP works in ChromeOS, thus a VoIP client is already available for the Google Chrome OS,

FYI: Flaphone flash VOIP can make VoIP call to PSTN or cellular phones using with a SIP provider, with Flaphone one can make phone call to the Skype or the SIP based phones, the 'callme' widgets would support too in Google ChromeOS,

As Flaphone is a Flash based SIP phone hence you need to have Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher just to use Flaphone, than Flaphone easily could be used from any PC or laptop, wherever you are or go,

About Flaphone, Flash based SIP web phone:

VOIP or Internet Broadband calling is the future of the telecom and Flaphone is a FREE web-based flash soft phone application, this permits us to dial voice call directly from a web page, nothing to install, download or to configure etc, the worldwide Flaphone users are allowed to make a voice call to each other and also to the SIP phones or at any phone number, using the SIP providers,

With Flaphone flash VOIP one is allowed to make the real time, face to face video calling, they say that for the SIP video calling, the Flaphone flash phone supports H.263 / H.263+ / H.264 codecs. To dial the SIP video call no special settings are needed, Flaphone allows Flash-to-SIP; SIP-to Flash and also the Flash-to-Flash video calling. With a Flaphone, the users can make the video call with each other and video calling to SIP software / hardware phones which support H.263, H.263+, H.264 video codecs.

TMCnet claims that TringMe Flash VOIP (a VOIP service or the flash widgets, permits users to make a voice call via landline or GTalk, the voice calling is free) too supports VOIP in Goolge ChromeOS and is the very first to support the VoIP calling on ChromeOS, so the race for the 'first' lies in between two flash based VOIP players, viz.: Flaphone and TringMe?!

It is just the beginning for the Flash based VOIP telephone technology and which is heading nice for Google's ChromeOS!


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