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Make Unlimited Free International Call from New Zealand Mobiles at local rates: Dial these Access Numbers: 0283000900 / 0283000500

Here comes the latest innovation in the free international calls using mobile phone, from New Zealand,

The dawn broke with a smile for the Kiwis this morning as New Zelanders were surprised to see the launch of rather a new and most desired free calling service from mobile phone to the world from NZ! The telecom world is moved one step ahead,

No Internet, PC or Broadband ever needed, just dial the toll free number from mobile and call the world for free using your plan minutes from New Zealand, this is all at the cost of a local phone call from NZ,

Its claimed to be the very first and only service in New Zealand and Mr Nizi Bhandari (the owner of this free international phone call service) broke this news first to Talkfree7 in an exclusive interview that they also have such kind of free call service operating from Australia and UK, and soon they are launching aggressively in many more undisclosed locations and territories : )

The free overseas calling from mobile concept is brilliant and in much demand, and Talkfree7 wishes them a very bright and fruitful future ahead in free telephony!

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Nizi Bhandari said...

hi Piyush,

Thanks for featuring launch of Free International calling service in NZ.

And we can assure you, that you will be the first one to know about our launch in South Africa Shortly.


Nizi Bhandari

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