Call Inmarsat Satellite Phones via Mobile, Skype-Out and Skype to Go

Good news for the Skype users, fans and also for the users who use to make call to Inmarsat satellite phones,

Skype, the VOIP King, permits now calling to Inmarsat satellite phones using mobile phone or landline or Skype (not for free but for a small fee) and rates starts from Euro €1.80 /$2.62 / £1.64 per minute,

Calling from Skype to Inmarsat Satellite Phones is a great way to get in touch of yours near and dears, who are sailing on the ships in high-seas or oil platform rigs etc,

Skype is a great international VOIP provider (and always Skype to Skype unlimited free international video call provider) which has presence in each and every part of the world (where there Internet is) and now they are extending to the high seas too or to the satellite phones for some reasonable charges using Skype-Out and Skype to Go number,

One is now even allowed to make a call to Inmarsat satphone with a regular cellular phone or mobile phone using the Skype To Go number! Just purchase a few Skype credit using Paypal or credit card and start calling to Inmarsat Sat Phones now : )

Skype terms: A small connection fee applies to all calls to satellite phones.

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