Adobe Flash VOIP: Free Unlimited Phone Calls to a US and Canada Businesses Toll Free Numbers from PC

Free Internet Phone service (VOIP) YakFree claims to provide unlimited free phone calls to US and Canada toll free business numbers (800, 888, 877, 866), with no contracts and nothing or no software to be downloaded, no registration, just use this anonymously, just needed a web connection, a headphone, microphone etc and also a recent version of Flash installed on your PC, is a web based IP telephony company which offers free VOIP, Adobe flash based phone calls to thousands of business number in the USA or Canada. Yak has a has an in-built flash app / functionality and it works as a phone like which is a free flash based IP telephony in-between Twitter pals!

You may love to make free phone call to US, Canada biz numbers with YakFree it could be a great and useful flash based web telephony service, web reviews says that this web based IP telecom service hosts excellent quality voice calls and and it is a touch tone enabled phone dialler, so enable you to pass with a IVR system which works well,

Also great feature is that Yak flash VOIP provides for a partner programme means that one can embed a call me button on his web site or a blog and this makes Yak IP telephony good for any business owner,

One can find any US / Canada business number with the help of or Google's business directory GOOG-411 it free service and easy to use.

Google business directory GOOG-411 helps to map a local business in the USA and Canada then connects you to that desired business and than you can speak unlimited with USA and Canada businesses.

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