Free International Calls From New Zealand Mobile Phone

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Make Unlimited Free International Call from New Zealand Mobiles at local rates: Dial these Access Numbers: 0283000900 / 0283000500

Here comes the latest innovation in the free international calls using mobile phone, from New Zealand,

The dawn broke with a smile for the Kiwis this morning as New Zelanders were surprised to see the launch of rather a new and most desired free calling service from mobile phone to the world from NZ! The telecom world is moved one step ahead,

No Internet, PC or Broadband ever needed, just dial the toll free number from mobile and call the world for free using your plan minutes from New Zealand, this is all at the cost of a local phone call from NZ,

Its claimed to be the very first and only service in New Zealand and Mr Nizi Bhandari (the owner of this free international phone call service) broke this news first to Talkfree7 in an exclusive interview that they also have such kind of free call service operating from Australia and UK, and soon they are launching aggressively in many more undisclosed locations and territories : )

The free overseas calling from mobile concept is brilliant and in much demand, and Talkfree7 wishes them a very bright and fruitful future ahead in free telephony!

Google ChromeOS & Flash VOIP: Flaphone, TringMe, First VoIP Clients Surfaces

Flaphone, the Flash VOIP in Google Chrome Operating System (OS):

Google just had released its own and very first Chrome OS version, the browser-based OS (FYI: Googles ChromeOS has in-built Flash Player), Flaphone team had tried it and they did found that there is the Flash Player has been built-in, but what does this means to a layman, well, it simply means that this Flaphone Flash VOIP works in ChromeOS, thus a VoIP client is already available for the Google Chrome OS,

FYI: Flaphone flash VOIP can make VoIP call to PSTN or cellular phones using with a SIP provider, with Flaphone one can make phone call to the Skype or the SIP based phones, the 'callme' widgets would support too in Google ChromeOS,

As Flaphone is a Flash based SIP phone hence you need to have Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher just to use Flaphone, than Flaphone easily could be used from any PC or laptop, wherever you are or go,

About Flaphone, Flash based SIP web phone:

VOIP or Internet Broadband calling is the future of the telecom and Flaphone is a FREE web-based flash soft phone application, this permits us to dial voice call directly from a web page, nothing to install, download or to configure etc, the worldwide Flaphone users are allowed to make a voice call to each other and also to the SIP phones or at any phone number, using the SIP providers,

With Flaphone flash VOIP one is allowed to make the real time, face to face video calling, they say that for the SIP video calling, the Flaphone flash phone supports H.263 / H.263+ / H.264 codecs. To dial the SIP video call no special settings are needed, Flaphone allows Flash-to-SIP; SIP-to Flash and also the Flash-to-Flash video calling. With a Flaphone, the users can make the video call with each other and video calling to SIP software / hardware phones which support H.263, H.263+, H.264 video codecs.

TMCnet claims that TringMe Flash VOIP (a VOIP service or the flash widgets, permits users to make a voice call via landline or GTalk, the voice calling is free) too supports VOIP in Goolge ChromeOS and is the very first to support the VoIP calling on ChromeOS, so the race for the 'first' lies in between two flash based VOIP players, viz.: Flaphone and TringMe?!

It is just the beginning for the Flash based VOIP telephone technology and which is heading nice for Google's ChromeOS!


Google Weds Skype? GooglePhone; Google Voice; Skype and Free Calling

Here is an interesting piece of read about much hyped & speculated and so called 'leakage' of Google's Android (code named Flan) OS based future smart phone: The Googlephone:

I cant confirm the source or the authenticity for this piece of the article which did surfaced in the , but the writer of this post seems to be very excited to tell all of us that Google is all set to release and launch its system, which will offer free call - and it further claims that these free calls will come along with, what he says as: the 'mother of all handsets'.

They claim that future is GOOGLE, from web searching to everything on net and VOICE CALLING, phone hardware and software, its only Google who would rule and dictate the terms on the virtual and actual world in telecom and communications, Skype seems to be at the stake according to this interesting article,

Google-phone if and when will hit the world shelves would be Google's own telephony system having Google's own OS named as ANDROID, and will use Google's own phone system known as Google Voice, which provides for a free phone number for life in US and provides for the unlimited free phone calls from USA and Canada and one also can make unlimited free international calling from US to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii,

But this old Grand Central or now known as Google Voice is only available through an invitation and it could be asked from a friend or family etc who already have a Google Voice connection,

Recently Google has acquired the web based SIP-soft phone company Gizmo5, which also pioneers in providing free internet broadband web call using VOIP or SIP technology to the worldwide users,

And with these all combinations of Google’s Cloud: the GooglePhone, Android OS, Google Voice, Gizmo5, the real world soon would experience a thrilling telecom phenomenon in free worldwide telephony, everything would be global and GOOGLE! Sky will be the limit and there will be strong competition between Google's telephony and SKYPE's proprietary P2P VOIP system,

Interestingly I can also foresee the future alliance and a possibility where Google and Skype VOIP would join hands! Like, as we know that Skype P2P voice and video telephony software uses the broadband to provide unlimited free voice and video calling to other Skypers,

But if Google (or vice versa) is able to get a success with Skype and get succeeded in up-linking its VOIP, the Google Voice services to Skype and most other global VOIP networks, than the user will be the real King, as it would than pave the way to make a free unlimited voice and video international long-distance call to a “real” phone number using the web or VOIP on phone to phone!

Skype already is #1 VOIP free call service in the world having 440 millions+ registered global users and if Google-Skype VOIP combines, than they have the reach in each and every territory of the world with many of the local telecom operators eager to take the advantage of this unique global revenue making combination, the telecom world be than free of wires, charges and free call everywhere would be a reality,

This is not my wild guess, I know this is for certain and going to happen in our near future, just wait for my prediction to come true,

Let us all wait for the morphing point where Google and Skype blend! And will make a honeymoon than thereafter : )


Enjoy Unlimited Free Thanksgiving VOIP Calling from TruPhone to any USA Landline or Cellular Phone Number from Anywhere in the World

US Thanksgiving Holiday and Truphone unlimited free VoIP Calls to any US phone number promotion for 12 hours (talk Turkey : ) ...(this free calling offer does not include free VOIP calls to Canada)

“All Truphone customers will for one day be given unlimited access to all calls made to fixed land and mobile lines in the United States of America, the United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam (subject to term 4 below) and starting with the dial code +1.”

Truphone is today’s VOIP telephony provider, and this HOLIDAYS they have a deal for all who want to enjoy and celebrate THANKSGIVING,

For full 12 hours on Thanksgiving day (November 26th, 2009 between mid-day and mid-night GMT = November 26th, 2009 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST), all the voice calls made to any USA landline and / or cellular (mobile) phone number, using Truphone VOIP route are completely free of cost and this is a reality, wow!

Any or all existing or new Truphone customers around the globe, can avail this free thanksgiving phone call offer to make a free VOIP voice call to their US mates or family and friends using Truphone’s VOIP application, remember, no need to sign up, nothing to change like, your present settings etc to make free voice calls.

Talkfree7 wishes and thanks all of its global readers, a Happy Thanksgiving ahead! Enjoy,


Fring Mobile VOIP, IM for Android: Now Make Free International Phone Call over Skype and Fring

Israel based popular cellular phone software company Fring which specializes in mobile VOIP and IM software has extended its VOIP software functionality for Android platform now and one can use it to make free international call over Skype and Fring, using his Android based mobile phone with Fring software.


Google Voice Invite, Get it now

VOIP world is on the shake, Google has acquired the Gizmo5: SIP-Phone and VOIP pundits are expecting now something innovative and big will go with Google's popular: Google Voice now,

Google Voice is currently available only in US / Canada and only by an invitation, but if you do not have any invite or don’t know how to get one, than you can get an UNUSED Google Voice invite here:

This invite is available on eBay for a small price, not bad for free unlimited phone calls in and from USA,

About Google Voice:

Google Voice is popular phone service (free to cheap) telephony in US / Canada, which gives unlimited free calls in USA, Canada and also free international calls from US to Hawaii, Alaska etc,

Google Voice provides for free number for lifetime and when a call comes, all of your phone rings at the same time and its your choice to pick the desired one,

Google Voice is free to make call in US and from US, its for ease, comfort, reliability, and innovative future telecom technology!

Now Google has acquired the Gizmo5, popular web based SIP Phone / VOIP than the internationals soon could expect Google VOICE reach in their respective nations, and free web or VOIP calls to the world with Google voice soon could be a reality,

The current VOIP King SKYPE has approx 500 million registered global users and Google + Gizmo combo can boost up a straight global telephony competition with Skype, The VOIP KING!

Gizmo5 Means Google Voice Now

Gizmo5 the web based popular SIP Phone finally chooses the Google's Google Voice, rather than Skype (as were the speculations all over in the VOIP world) as a result, as Gizmo was now acquired by Google,

Now VOIP telephony is becoming extremely interesting, as Skype and Google both are going hard to capture and to transform the world from web base telephony to normal telephony, the world of communications is going through a major transition period and will surely change the rules of the game in our coming times,



SIP-Phone Gizmo5 goes Google for $30,000,000 after AdMob

Congrats! Google, You have done it, say it with flowers!!!

Big news for the web and VOIP world enthusiasts, Google is all set to be no. one VOIP company in this world, the BIG G is acquiring the 'tiny' ones!

Recently the Google acquired the AdMob, the mobile phone Ads company and now the same Google has also grabbed the GIZMO5 (SIP Phone) for a whopping US $30,000,000, 'G(oogle)' is the word which stands for VOIP now,

I can see the future when Skype and Google will become the two and only giants in the VOIP segment, the competition is open and hot and one thing is for sure that the web users are all set for a wonderful and the best VOIP technology in coming times, and the world will san boundaries in telephony in short future now,

There were the rumours that the SKYPE (as the Gizmo5’s SIP phone telephony was able to replace Skype proprietary (Joltid) P2P back end), the VOIP King will acquire the Gizmo5 as the search engine giant Google has acquired the SIP phone company Gizmo5, so may be or soon we can see Gizmo5 integrated with many Google voice services like Gmail, Gtalk or Google Voice VOIP etc,

As you know that the Gizmo5 is a SIP based VOIP telephony that can embedded with most of the Google telecom products viz. Gtalk, Google Voice etc,

The Gogle's Gtalk make use of the protocols: SIP and Jabber, and Gizmo5 SIP Phone telephony makes the use of SIP protocol to make a call between SIP clients and the ordinary phones, the both products connectivity will pave the way to connect with ordinary phones using Google's GTalk,

Vikas of has raised a nice question that if GTalk, the Google Voice and the Gizmo5 are well integrated, than may be Google has to launch a new VOIP or voice service? Time will tell,


Facts about Google's acquisition of AdMob:

Unlimited Free Calls Using Google Voice and Gizmo:

Zenofon Free Call Contest & Promotion

Personal thanks to my friend Vikas of: for pointing out this wonderful free call promo, currently going on with ZenoFon VOIP

Zenofon Promo


Zenofon is rather a new VOIP company and gives an opportunity to make the free phone calls under the various promotions it is currently running.

30 minutes free on registration:

In new promotion once you create a new account with Zenofon they will give you 30 minutes of free calling.

$10 Free Auto recharge promotion:

Customers, both new and existing, who create their credit card profile, mean who gave their credit card number to Zenofon and enable auto recharge will get $ 10 credit. To curb misuse they will give instant $3 credit and will give $7 over seven weeks.

Zenofon referral:

Zenofon believes in word of mouth promotion and hence gives you free credit for referring your friends and the some part of the share to you if your referred friend buys credit to call.

Zenofon $649.99 referral contest:

Zenofon is running this contest and the most the Zenofon user with most referred earn free credit is going to win this contest

Skype VOIP & Santa’s Live Video Calling

If you have Skype on your PC (or you can download it for free from than Santa Clause this Christmas / holiday season may call you live on a VOIP web video call, thanks to the Skype VOIP Video calling technology,

It is NOT free, but is nominally priced, it could be a great gift and surprise for the little kids to receive a live or recorded version (as you choose the package) video or audio phone call from their loved on Saint Nicholas or what the world says him with love as Dear Santa Clause!

Skype Creates History for its Online Users, Placing VOIP Calls: 20 Million Skypers 'Online', simultaneously at-the same-time!

Congrats Skype! the unmatched and unchallenged King of P2P-VoIP voice telephony, for creating the history and yet another milestone and this time the world record, yes Skype passed the milestone when its 20 million global users (Skypers) were online at the same time, simultaneously, its a BIG feast for any VOIP provider,

We know is the best FREE international, unlimited voice and video call provider to the world via Internet, as its P2P (Joltid) technology provides for Skype to Skype free unlimited overseas calls anywhere to anywhere, anytime around the globe,

Skype latest tech and its latest versions provides for the crystal clear voice and video talking experience,

Skype is happy and seems to be at proud, when it says as: "...Right now, there are 20 million people around the world, saying hello (or bonjour, or hola, or 喂, or tere) to their parents across continents..."

This is not only the number game but the 'game' of innovation and the technology in VOIP voice and video calling, Skype has changed the way people make call around the world,

Today at least two things are daily part and parcel in the life of a Netizen and they are Google and Skype, can you think or imagine to live in the virtual or actual world without being Google or Skype even for only 24 hours : )

That’s make the sense and the use of technology for the masse, and Skype no doubt is the King of VOIP and will remain always, Best of Luck Skype, you have done it, SAY IT WITH FLOWERS ...


How SKYPE was named or coined? do you know?

All about Skype VOIP

VOIP-Japan: Make Free Calls to Twenty One Countries, Phone To Phone, No Internet or PC Required

Place free International Phone To Phone Calls from Japan via local access gateway phone number: 03-4580-0235 or 03-4580-0236 (Tokyo numbers) just at the rates of local call charges, (no need to register, no PIN, no annoying time killing ads to listen, use your regular mobile or landline with existing phone number, no Internet or PC required),

Azabutel has a VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology or IP network which permits to make the web based voice calls directly using any phone instead of placing a voice call using the PC,

Azabutel is rather a new VOIP entrant to the global scene, and what they offer is the free international phone to phone calling (but at local call rates on their local access number using call termination technology) from Japan to twenty one countries at present, which includes the North America, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore etc,

Also from Japan (or Nippon) one can make the free international calls to these nations' landline (not mobile):

Puerto Rico ; Moscow, St Petersburg ; Spain ; Sweden ; UK ; Buenos Aires, Cordoba ; Germany ; Hungary ; Israel ; Mexico City ; Poland ; Melbourne, Sydney ; Denmark ; France ; Ireland

Thus anybody living, visiting or travelling in Japan can make the free international voice calls from regular phone to phone (cellular or landline to cellular or landline) to the above mentioned countries, using Tokyo's local access gateway numbers at the rate of a local call,

(Just do not forget to check the local call rates to the above access numbers from your telco before proceeding to make a long or unlimited VOIP phone call)

Also remember to check with your telecom operator, may be the Tokyo calling numbers are free (or if not) in your calling plan,

... If they are free to call Tokyo numbers, then your overseas calling will be absolutely free from anywhere in Japan (phone to phone without Internet or PC) as even your local calls to the above mentioned access gateway number too would be then free : )


According to Wikipedia: “Azabu (麻布) is an area within Minato in Tokyo, Japan, built on a marshy area of foothills south of central Tokyo….”

Unlimited, Free, Phone to Phone Calls to the World, From UK and Brazil, using Local Access Number

The above featured site claims to provide unlimited free calling to the world from UK and Brazil local access numbers, phone to phone, no Internet (VOIP) or PC ever required, just your existing phone and your existing number, that’s it,

You only have to pay the local charges to dial local access number in UK and / or Brazil and International calling than would be free of all charges, but pl be sure to check your local access charges before you go for a long trail : )

They say, there is no contract and even no registration to use this free international phone to phone calling service from UK and Brazil except but to pay the local charges to your telecom operator,

The local access phone numbers for UK, Brazil are given on the above featured site itself, the USA too was there in the list, a few days back but can not say why did they removed the local access numbers from USA?

The list of nations where the free international phone to phone calls are allowed is given on this ONE PAGE website itself, there are select countries like USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore in the list where an international call to the mobile numbers is also permitted from UK and / or Brazil phones...

Adobe Flash VOIP: Free Unlimited Phone Calls to a US and Canada Businesses Toll Free Numbers from PC

Free Internet Phone service (VOIP) YakFree claims to provide unlimited free phone calls to US and Canada toll free business numbers (800, 888, 877, 866), with no contracts and nothing or no software to be downloaded, no registration, just use this anonymously, just needed a web connection, a headphone, microphone etc and also a recent version of Flash installed on your PC, is a web based IP telephony company which offers free VOIP, Adobe flash based phone calls to thousands of business number in the USA or Canada. Yak has a has an in-built flash app / functionality and it works as a phone like which is a free flash based IP telephony in-between Twitter pals!

You may love to make free phone call to US, Canada biz numbers with YakFree it could be a great and useful flash based web telephony service, web reviews says that this web based IP telecom service hosts excellent quality voice calls and and it is a touch tone enabled phone dialler, so enable you to pass with a IVR system which works well,

Also great feature is that Yak flash VOIP provides for a partner programme means that one can embed a call me button on his web site or a blog and this makes Yak IP telephony good for any business owner,

One can find any US / Canada business number with the help of or Google's business directory GOOG-411 it free service and easy to use.

Google business directory GOOG-411 helps to map a local business in the USA and Canada then connects you to that desired business and than you can speak unlimited with USA and Canada businesses.

Make Free VOIP Call via Yahoo Chat Messenger: PC to Cell Phone on any Network Worldwide

For the Internet users and the lovers of free international VOIP web call, here is a tip, that how to make a free unlimited VOIP call using Yahoo Messenger (PC to cell phone or any phone, any network, anywhere),

We know Skype to Skype VOIP call are always free with superb video calling experience, but it’s free only when it’s Skype to Skype,

Now make the web calls from Yahoo Messenger i.e. PC to phones worldwide,

You should have:

- A PC with / and headphone microphone etc,
- The latest version of the Yahoo chat Messenger (download free from
- The phone number where you desire to make phone call, anywhere in the world,

Now, read the below mentioned article which explains everything to make a free unlimited international VOIP call using Yahoo messenger using Internet and WWW,


Call Inmarsat Satellite Phones via Mobile, Skype-Out and Skype to Go

Good news for the Skype users, fans and also for the users who use to make call to Inmarsat satellite phones,

Skype, the VOIP King, permits now calling to Inmarsat satellite phones using mobile phone or landline or Skype (not for free but for a small fee) and rates starts from Euro €1.80 /$2.62 / £1.64 per minute,

Calling from Skype to Inmarsat Satellite Phones is a great way to get in touch of yours near and dears, who are sailing on the ships in high-seas or oil platform rigs etc,

Skype is a great international VOIP provider (and always Skype to Skype unlimited free international video call provider) which has presence in each and every part of the world (where there Internet is) and now they are extending to the high seas too or to the satellite phones for some reasonable charges using Skype-Out and Skype to Go number,

One is now even allowed to make a call to Inmarsat satphone with a regular cellular phone or mobile phone using the Skype To Go number! Just purchase a few Skype credit using Paypal or credit card and start calling to Inmarsat Sat Phones now : )

Skype terms: A small connection fee applies to all calls to satellite phones.

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