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IP / VOIP calling is really hot and mobile VOIP (MOIP) is the hottest!

USA: The Vonage (VG: The broadband / Internet telephony company) launched its ‘VONAGE MOBILE’: Vonage Mobile simply is free to download and it provides the cheap or ultra low-cost international mobile calling right from the Apple iPhone™, Apple iPod touch™ and / or RIM BlackBerry®.


The US based Vonage Mobile now-onwards ALSO will be available for the smart mobile phone handsets, viz.: Apple iPhone, RIM- BlackBerry and Apple iPod touch from onwards October 5th, 2009, also the Vonage World unlimited (international) plan would be unveiled later by the end of year 2009,

Good Things: Vonage Mobile is designed to work with your any existing mobile plans, it allows you to keep your existing phone number, the existing mobile device, and also the existing contacts and yes also the existing mobile service provider.

Vonage Mobile is a PAYG (pay-as-you-go app) which enables you to make cheap unlimited overseas mobile phone call from your current mobile phone. Just set any pre-pay funds and use & rely on Vonage Mobile whenever you have to make some international or abroad call.

Vonage Mobile designed to work on both: the cellular and also the Wi-Fi networks, dialling codes, no calling cards, no PIN, no 800 numbers, no access codes, and no connection charges ever needed,

... just dial the intended international number from your mobile handset device address book, than your international call will be routed through the Vonage's cellular network. Thus the Vonage's cheap international rates will start working for you and you only use your local minutes under your regular mobile carrier's plan (the carrier’s roaming charges may apply when outside your calling area),

Vonage Mobile provides for US $1.00 credit to try the application out, this shows their confidence in their product / mobile software: The Vonage Mobile, this makes your first Vonage mobile International call, absolutely free,

Whenever RIM-BlackBerry users dial international calls, the Vonage app will automatically take it over, on the Apple devices, users will have to launch Vonage's app for the calls to be routed via Vonage network.

FYI: Apple’s iPhone allows calls on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks, while RIM BlackBerry only allows calls over cellular networks; Apple iPod touch allows calls over Wi-Fi networks!


To sum up: Vonage mobile is a mobile calling app for the Apple iPhone, RIM- BlackBerry and Apple iPod touch smart phones and mobiles, its free to download via Vonage website or Apple's iTune stores, using Vonage mobile app one is allowed to make low cost / cheap international calls using Wi-Fi hotspot networks, or cellular networks,

When you have Vonage Mobile than you can easily call the world for cheap from home, just have a Wi-Fi hotspot or call international while on go, its rate would be most competitive and based on per minute pattern ,

By the end of year 2009 VONAGE WORLD PLAN too will get introduced to the Vonage Mobile which will enable the US mobile phone caller to make call unlimited free international and to more than 60 countries at a single monthly flat rate plan… wait for THE BEST!





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