VOIP Legalized in Dubai (UAE / Gulf)?: Etisalat, Du Warming up for International VoIP



Finally the international VOIP phone calling is going to be legalized in Dubai (UAE) / Gulf by the end of the year 2009,

…perhaps one of the most demanding world region which needs VOIP calling badly but almost all the international VOIP providers are banned to operate from the land of UAE including the VOIP King Skype and also Yahoo Voice VOIP etc too,

Etisalat and DU are the main UAE telcos and many of these are the main players forces / blocking VOIP calling from Dubai as they were facing losses of revenues, it is also said that even the UAE operators are also 'charging' a fee' for the violation from the guys, who try to use the VOIP via VPN route.

Thus Gulf / UAE customers opt only for the UAE telcos like Etisalat or DU and are paying them the heavy charges for making international call and are unable to use international VOIP cheap call or free Skype to Skype unlimited video voice calls,

Gulf News reported that UAE's Telcoms Regulatory Authority (TRA) is already in discussions with UAE's above two main telcos for making international VOIP / Internet calling to be legalized,

If the web calling or IP calling or Internet calling or simply VOIP (voice over internet protocol) gets legalized in this Gulf region than people living there would have lots of benefit to make free to low cost international call from UAE / Dubai, as a big workforce of foreigners lives in Dubai for work and they have to make phone call to their home very frequently which includes big number of Indian and Pakistanis living in UAE, they could save big money by UAE VOIP legalized,




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