UK Mobile - Call Free With Free Bundled Minutes & 0208 Local Access Number to Dial International Calls

UK: It seems to be a nice free / low cost phone calls from mobile from UK service for most of the Britons, if it is really true?!

They wrote on their blog, that they are using REBTEL's VOIP services to give free or low cost / cheap international to Britons from UK using mobile phone,

The procedure seems to be simple, as the Britain's mobile users can use their unused bundled free minutes to make low cost or free call internationally,

This low cost international mobile call from UK service is adopting a similar technology like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services that permits people to dial calls for cheap or absolutely free to anywhere, but in VOIP one need internet connection, PC etc and here they are doing this with the help of VOIP services (cheap international VOIP calls provider over phone to phone) with giving away local access phone # 0208 to make cheap international mobile calling from UK hence no internet or PC required, just make global call from your mobile using your unused bundled free minutes from UK,

This free international call service simply converts / maps an international number to a local UK geographic number with 0208, this free call from UK mobile service works like a bit: VOIP-Skype,

... they trunk the UK mobile phone call to the international country over Rebtel's VOIP network / bandwidth to an international POP near the destination phone number,which, one has dialed, then this call from the virtual POP to the ‘real’ phone number is a free local phone call ....

This is really wonderful blend and nice use of VOIP technology with mobile phone / POP networks : )

So Britons, if your company is having various offices abroad or may be if you want to keep in touch with your friends and family in other countries / abroad and also seeking the cost cutting and saving of phone calling from your mobile for free, than you may try this free international mobile call service, take care,

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Our Disclaimer: We have NOT tried or tested this free international call service, also we are just reviewing this service for the benefit of our readers and are not anyways connected or getting profits from this, neither we are an affiliate / partner etc, readers are requested to test or use this at their own,

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