Skype for Linux Maemo: Nokia-N900 - Mobile Computer (Internet Tablet)

Skype the VOIP for Linux Maemo OS: Nokia-N-900 - mini Mobile Computer (Internet Tablet) is now coming...

The VOIP King Skype is coming with Linux Maemo OS on new Nokia N900 Internet tablet, so one can always talk free unlimited with friends, family with Nokia N900 (which have Maemo operating system / software) as we know Skype to Skype means FREE anywhere to anywhere unlimited international / national long-distance call, To use Nokia N900 (Linux Maemo os) just you need the 3G or a Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity,

This is really good news for the VOIP-Skype lovers, and also for the cool handy gadgets or Nokia fans / lovers who do not mind spending some extra Dollars,

Additionally, Om Malik confirmed that the VOIP Skype is coming to the latest Nokia N900 'mobile computer' its more than an ordinary cellular phone or mobile or any PDA, the new Nokia N900 will have the LINUX MAEMO as its operating system (the Linux Maemo operating system by Finnish giant on Nokia N 900 is coming),

This new Maemo device, the Nokia N900 (with Linux Maemo OS) with Skype VOIP functionality embedded on it will hit the North American markets soon or by the late October 2009 end,

What is Maemo OS:

According to the Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia:

"Maemo is a software platform developed by Nokia for smart phones and Internet Tablets.[1] It is based on the Debian operating system.
The platform comprises the Maemo operating system and the Maemo SDK, Maemo's default screen is the "Home" screen..."


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