SIP - Wireless - Mobile VoIP App: iPhone, Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Google Android, Windows Mobile: The V Phone

Mobile VOIP voice call and SMS Software:

VPhone is mobile VOIP solution, of course its wireless VOIP, its also mobile SIP / internet dialler software for the cell mobile phones,

Matrix’s VPhone's mobile VOIP (MVOIP) software / application provides Apple iPhone, Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Google Android, Windows Mobile VOIP users (for making voice call) the independence of switching in-between the multiple VOIP providers, of the choice, rather than locking the Apple iPhone VOIP user work only with a single or only any one VoIP provider

Mobile VOIP VPhone software 'nullifies' the 'single provider protocol' thus allows the iPhone mobile VOIP users to choose the best and most economical service provider,

FYI: VPhone mobile VOIP app is an ‘open and configurable’ first app that also provides texting over IP,

VPhone's VOIP software for VoIP voice call and SMS works at Wi-Fis, so no SIM card is needed, and also the Apple iPhone users can dial 3G-GPRS-HSDPA (as data packets), VoIP call.

Watch this Matrix's You Tube VIDEO ( having a demo for the Apple iPhone users, how to configure and use the V Phone mobile VOIP app, (Matrix hopes to get Apple's approval in the App Stores soon) ...

Mobile VOIP software, V Phone is currently available for below mobile OS / handsets OR devices:

Symbian s60 3rd edition Platform

Apple iPhone Platform

Google Android Platform

Windows Mobile Platform

VPhone says, that for the Broadband Providers / VOIP Service Providers / ISP’s they can ‘White Label’ and brand it according to customers’ specifications,

V Phone is currently used in: used in:

United Arab Emirates
New Zealand
South Africa

Other prominent mobile VOIP:

Nimbuzz, Skype, TruPhone, Fring, Rebtel

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