New Zealand to Samoa: Free Phone Call

New Zealand (NZ) telcos (2degrees, Vodafone, Telecom and Orcon) are going full of humanity, they are giving free phone call facility for the next two days, from New Zealand to Samoa Island etc Tsunami effected areas,

New Zealand's telecom company 2degrees is offering its customers facility to make free call to Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga for the next two weeks up to October 15, 2009, with a free call up to a five minute cap.

These above telecoms' customers will not be charged for making the home phone calls to Samoa etc from midnight Tuesday until midnight Friday 2 October (pl check before go, all the different telcos have different plans and time periods for making a free phone call). Calls to Tonga will also be free from midnight Wednesday to midnight Friday.


From New Zealand, Free mobile phone call to Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga, from 12pm October 1 until October 15, 2009,


From New Zealand, call free to Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga from 6pm October 1, until 6pm October 3, 2009,


From New Zealand, Free Calling: Free landline calls to Samoa from October 1 until midnight Friday October 2, 2009,

Free calls to Tonga from midnight Wednesday to midnight Friday.


From New Zealand, make free calls to landline and mobile numbers in Western and American Samoa until Sunday, 2009.

Free fixed line telephone call from Australia (Aussie / Oz) to Indonesia and American Samoa too is being offered by Australian telco Telstra,

Australian - Telstra had also suggested it customers that they should avoid making a phone call to Samoa and Tonga, as there is an extreme congestion exists in the local telecom networks,

The Telstra's residential customers will not be billed for the phone call to the landlines / fixed-line phone number in Padang, Indonesia & American Samoa which would be dialled from their home fixed-line phones between 12:01am (AEST) Saturday until 11:59am (AEDT) on October 9,,25197,26155551-12377,00.html

So get connected with your contacts, friends, family in Samoa Island, American Samoa and Tonga now,

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