JumperTel: USB-Plug-n-Play VOIP Phone, Call The World At $1 a Month


Jumpertel, yet another newbie IP-USB plug n play phone has appeared to the global VOIP voice calling scene, the claim is too bold, and Magic Jack VoIP adapter and Skype VoIP, is at their challenge : )

Each Jumpertel VOIP phone is being allotted with a unique phone number,

Jumpertel VOIP USB phone system is USD1 a month to use and call unlimited anywhere to anywhere ONLY with Jumpertel users! Than how they are challenging the Skype and Magic Jack, we wonder? Their VOIP phone device comes for $21.99 and Skype download is always free to make unlimited global call, PC to PC using Skype to Skype?

They say Skype is complicated and they are not, but perhaps forgot, Skype to Skype is free unlimited and globally that too comes with superior P2P technology and wonderful video calling feature, than why should somebody buy Jumpertel VOIP USB phone and pay USD1 a month for the same kind of free services and forget Skype Video calling? I wonder!

Jumpertel USB VOIP phone claims that it also works on dial up, that could be a nice feature if its true and voice quality is bearable, and surely jumpertel can be a nice option for GrandPa-s and GrandMa-s or only for the guys who do not know PC, Internet and do not want the hassles of web cam, Micro phone etc : )

Yet another Jumpertel bold claim about (how to) unblocking VOIP in VOIP blocked nations, if it’s true:

"Some countries or Internet service providers block VOIP service, does JumperTel™ still work in those countries / areas?

Yes, the JumperPhone 100™ will detect if your ISP blocks VOIP. Our JumperTel™ software will suggest using our VPN software and instruct you to go through the install process and restart your JumperPhone 100™. After you restart your JumperPhone 100™, you will be able to talk with anyone on the JumperTel™ network"

So readers pl decide yourself and let us know too, if Jumpertel is really a good service and can unblock the VOIP voice call in VOIP blocked nations,




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