Google's Free Wi-Fi Surfing, Virgin America Flights

Virgin Airline and Google, the Web search technology company are giving away the USA Holiday Travelers the Gift of Connection with Free Gogo inflight WIFI Inflight Wi-Fi Internet:

Google's Free Wi-Fi Surfing, Virgin America Flights

The official Google Blog reports that for the coming US holiday season, the search engine King The Google and the Virgin America have shaken their hands to provide the Virgin's passengers-on-board the free Wi-Fi hot spot facility during the flight on all of the Virgin planes, it means one can surf internet for free in sky, courtesy Google and Virgin Airlines,

Details of the Google-Virgin America free in-flight Wi-Fi service Internet on - board partnership can be viewed here:

PS: The TOS disallows the VOIP applications, viz and as as Skype, as to manage the bandwidth and also to prevent the sound of airplanes' engines from being drowned out by talkative fliers ...


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