Google Wave: Ribbit VOIP Voice Conference Gadget for Real Time Communication

Do you know what the latest in web based communication is?

What is the Google Wave?

How to make VOIP calls / VOIP conference calling using Google Wave?

Well, Google Wave is the Google’s newest venture for implementing the new age communication, or we can say that Google Wave is a new Tool For internet real time Communication and collaboration,

Google Wave is designed by the same team from Australian Google technicians and engineers which created the popular Google Maps, the Google wave is the latest Web app of Google, the search engine giant which allows us to combine the email, IM - instant messaging, photo management and the online social-networking technologies all into a single tool.

Watch YouTube video for Google wave:

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Well, my point of discussion here would revolve around the VOIP technology and newly communication Google’s gadget, the Google Wave, how to do VoIP calls using Google Wave?

Digital Venture beat says:

"As part of opening up, Google has also highlighted some of the cool extensions companies have built on top of Wave, even in its early stage, which give some sense of how broadly Wave might be used:

• A way to play Sudoku with your friends from Labpixies
• A telephone conferencing service from Ribbit:
• Video chat from (A Social Meeting Ground For People With online Web Cams
• An itinerary collaboration tool from Lonely Planet
• A weather forecast widget from AccuWeather
• Collaborative map editing from Google Maps.

This simply means that real time voice VoIP calls / audio messages / texting etc could be made with Google wave using VOIP Voice Conference Gadget (Ribbit is a telephone conferencing service acquired by British telecom the BT) and also the video chat could be done using Google wave with

With Google wave and Ribbit one also can use VoIP service like Skype too all in the real time and it makes it a truly web based communication tool!

Watch YouTube video for Google wave and Ribbit VOIP web gadget / extension, how it works: site says as:

"Ribbit is a fully programmable communications platform that allows web developers to integrate telephony and messaging capabilities into any workflow or application. Combining Ribbit with Google Wave means real-time, asynchronous audio streams can now be inserted into any Wave. Participants can collaborate using voice in live conference sessions and by leaving audio messages. Both of these streams become an integral part of the Wave collaboration process, providing additional channels of communication and significantly enhancing the overall Wave collaboration experience"


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