Google Voice With Existing Cell Phone Number OR With Google Number

Google Voice Blog: Google Voice with your existing number: "get Google Voice with a Google number OR with your existing mobile phone number"

Till now the Google's Voice users have to select a new phone number (the "Google number"),

Making the voice calling via the Google number permits and offer good features: call recording & screening and getting SMS email.

But the problem arises when each & everyone could not switch to a new phone number, thus Google VOICE now provides lighter version of Google Voice for the guys who are interested in the Google Voice features with an ability to use their own existing mobile numbers.

So now onwards, the Google Voice, a phone system will work with any existing cellular phone and / OR also with a Google number,

So the US / Canada cell phone users can use their existing phone number and also still can use the features of Google Voice, they also can use the Google Voice features including the computer translations of voicemail messages ... Google just announced the LIGHTER VERSION of its unique and popular phone service Google Voice in US / Canada,

FYI: Google Voice GIVES a U.S. phone number, which could be selected by the user from available only numbers within selected area codes, these are free of charge for the life time to every Google Voice user account,

With Google's the Google Voice, the continental US phone calls (domestic, local and long distance) and calls to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii from USA are absolutely free of charge, and the international phone calls are billed according to the cheap rates as posted on the Google Voice website,


Google Voice’s Secret Weapon: Number Portability:

Google Voice Apps For Android And Blackberry Are Here:

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