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Google Voice (previously known as as Grand central, the basic idea around Google Voice / GrandCentral is to have only one and only one consolidated - unique phone number for all of your phones, for whole of the life, irrespective of the telcos or phone carriers) is Google's Voice calling services which provides free phone calling within the continent of US, and free phone call to the Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, many more new countries are adding fast to the free calling list of Google Voice,

Google Voice uses the technology to consolidate / or link the collection of several phone numbers, Google Voice, simply is a Phone System by Google!

The Google Voice permits its users to consolidate their home, office and cell phone numbers by forwarding the voice data via a centralized Google phone number. It also records the voice mail and sends written transcripts of the messages to its users. The best is that Google Voice provides the free calling within the U.S., and free phone call to the Canada, Alaska and Hawaii from USA,

Google Voice Getting Started Guide:

Google Voice also have Call Widgets / API / Applet so one may permit his users to make a phone call facility to him, from his website or blog just by embedding the Google voice call widget, your site traffic than can click the Google voice widget > enter their phone number > Google Voice than will call them and also connect their call to your Google Voice number!

How To / Learn Google Voice Free Call with YouTube Video:

So Google voice is essentially that FREE phone number, which is yours forever for whole of the life – and you can always switch service providers without any worry, also your Google voice phone number can send and receive text messages / sms,

Google Voice phone service consolidates voice calls to your cell, home, office, or wherever you dictate it, Google voice can take any message and can stores it for you online, Google voice can also link to one's Gmail contacts, that’s why one can just look up his number and just click the dial button to place a free local phone call.

No contracts, no monthly fees, no PAYG (pay as you go), no fine prints etc to make a free phone call within USA, or from USA to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii etc, its Google!

The voice Phone call from USA to other countries is billed at the per-minute rate as listed here:

With Google Voice, the Google’s VOIP service, the sending and receiving a sms / text messages is free, one can take the advantage of sending free text with his Google Voice number instead of his cellular phone number, Google voice also allows to make conference calling, records phone calls, Goole Voice or G Voice provides for the phone numbers in any area Zip code you need,

Google Voice is by an invitation only, and Google permitted now to invite friends and family to the guys who already are using the Google Voice service.

If you know anybody having a Google Voice phone number, just request him for an invite to join Google's – the Google Voice and start making free phone call in US and to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii from US of A!


AT&T Loophole + Google Voice = Free Calls On Your iPhone

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