AT&T OKs Skype & VOIP iPhone App. / Voice Calling over 3 G Wireless Cellular GSM Network

The new era of free and cheap local and long distance (domestic + international) voice phone call has begun in the USA,

Following the FCC’s another push for the sake of net neutrality, finally AT&T allows use of VOIP and Skype VOIP iPhone applications for making voice phone calling over its 3G wireless cell phone network, now anybody can use Skype VOIP over Apple iPhone and can make Skype to Skype FREE international unlimited call with his Apple iPhone / iPod Touch etc.

(FYI: Before this, the VoIP apps. Only could use the Wi-Fi (hotspot) networks and were not permitted to use AT& Ts 3G cellular GSM wireless network to make VOIP voice call),

Also VONAGE has released it VONAGE MOBILE app for RIM-Blackberry and Apple iPhone and iPod Touch to make ultra cheap / low cost overseas call with these smart mobile handsets,

Now anybody can be 'jealous' of fellow Americans / Canadians that they can use free or cheap unlimited international call over smart mobiles and which can be use on go!

US telecom giant AT&T said that Apple iPhone owners would be allowed to use Internet voice calling on its wireless network, paving the way for services such as Skype,


AT&T still 'blocks' Google Voice (VOIP) even after its announcement that it will allow Apple iPhone 3G users to run VoIP applications over its cellular data network .. AT&T stand on this is as: "...Google Voice operates was violating Google's own stance on net neutrality.."

Google Voice is Google's phone system and voicemail services which provides its users a one and single phone number which can be 'programmed' to ring any or all of the user's regular phone #s, work phone only during the official timings, phone only in the evening, and his cellphone at all the times, or any other combination as one likes.

Google Voice is banned by the Apple from its iPhone,


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