Rebtel VOIP: Free Pakistan Calling, the Sweden based popular VOIP cell phone to cell phone VOIP, has grounded into the Pakistan with its local access numbers in Lahore and Karachi, and now its easy to make or receive VOIP call for free in or from Pakistan,

Pakistanis or anyone living in 50 countries can dial a free Rebtel call to Pakistan with little learning,

Rebtel mobile VOIP calling can be set up for free and even first 10 minute call is absolutely free to any part of the world, you can use your existing mobile and SIM and can use Rebtel free or cheap unlimited int'l call,

Register for a Free Rebtel a/c and test free international call from mobile phone here:

learn how to make free Rebtel call to / from Pakistan:


Rebtel VOIP App: For Apple iPhone Approved

Sweden based Rebtel the mobile to mobile phone free to cheap international VOIP Call provider announced that now Rebtel VOIP for mobile phones could also be used on Apple iPhone, as Rebtel's iPhone app is finally being approved,

Do you remember that recently in US, the AT&T has allowed VOIP to 3G Network for Apple iPhone,

so call the world free or cheap with Rebtel mobile VOIP over Apple iPhone app...


SIP - Wireless - Mobile VoIP App: iPhone, Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Google Android, Windows Mobile: The V Phone

Mobile VOIP voice call and SMS Software:

VPhone is mobile VOIP solution, of course its wireless VOIP, its also mobile SIP / internet dialler software for the cell mobile phones,

Matrix’s VPhone's mobile VOIP (MVOIP) software / application provides Apple iPhone, Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Google Android, Windows Mobile VOIP users (for making voice call) the independence of switching in-between the multiple VOIP providers, of the choice, rather than locking the Apple iPhone VOIP user work only with a single or only any one VoIP provider

Mobile VOIP VPhone software 'nullifies' the 'single provider protocol' thus allows the iPhone mobile VOIP users to choose the best and most economical service provider,

FYI: VPhone mobile VOIP app is an ‘open and configurable’ first app that also provides texting over IP,

VPhone's VOIP software for VoIP voice call and SMS works at Wi-Fis, so no SIM card is needed, and also the Apple iPhone users can dial 3G-GPRS-HSDPA (as data packets), VoIP call.

Watch this Matrix's You Tube VIDEO ( having a demo for the Apple iPhone users, how to configure and use the V Phone mobile VOIP app, (Matrix hopes to get Apple's approval in the App Stores soon) ...

Mobile VOIP software, V Phone is currently available for below mobile OS / handsets OR devices:

Symbian s60 3rd edition Platform

Apple iPhone Platform

Google Android Platform

Windows Mobile Platform

VPhone says, that for the Broadband Providers / VOIP Service Providers / ISP’s they can ‘White Label’ and brand it according to customers’ specifications,

V Phone is currently used in: used in:

United Arab Emirates
New Zealand
South Africa

Other prominent mobile VOIP:

Nimbuzz, Skype, TruPhone, Fring, Rebtel

Google Voice With Existing Cell Phone Number OR With Google Number

Google Voice Blog: Google Voice with your existing number: "get Google Voice with a Google number OR with your existing mobile phone number"

Till now the Google's Voice users have to select a new phone number (the "Google number"),

Making the voice calling via the Google number permits and offer good features: call recording & screening and getting SMS email.

But the problem arises when each & everyone could not switch to a new phone number, thus Google VOICE now provides lighter version of Google Voice for the guys who are interested in the Google Voice features with an ability to use their own existing mobile numbers.

So now onwards, the Google Voice, a phone system will work with any existing cellular phone and / OR also with a Google number,

So the US / Canada cell phone users can use their existing phone number and also still can use the features of Google Voice, they also can use the Google Voice features including the computer translations of voicemail messages ... Google just announced the LIGHTER VERSION of its unique and popular phone service Google Voice in US / Canada,

FYI: Google Voice GIVES a U.S. phone number, which could be selected by the user from available only numbers within selected area codes, these are free of charge for the life time to every Google Voice user account,

With Google's the Google Voice, the continental US phone calls (domestic, local and long distance) and calls to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii from USA are absolutely free of charge, and the international phone calls are billed according to the cheap rates as posted on the Google Voice website,


Google Voice’s Secret Weapon: Number Portability:

Google Voice Apps For Android And Blackberry Are Here:

Mobile VOIP Fring 3.0 & SIP Integration is Possible Now

Now Mobile VOIP software Fring 3.0 supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) integration,

Fring is Israel based popular mobile VOIP software and anybody can do unlimited free international call from smart cellular mobile phones, Windows based cell phone, Apple iPhone etc using Fring integration on it,

We can dial unlimited free or low cost / cheap international call to any SIP providers, landline or / and regular mobile (GSM/CDMA) contacts over Fring SIP and mobile VOIP technology,

SIP according to Wikipedia:

" ... The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signalling protocol, widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP)..."

Learn How to make a SIP / VoIP call Using Fring Mobile VOIP Software (watch YouTube Video)

Fring's SIP Settings for VoIP Integration:


VOIP Legalized in Dubai (UAE / Gulf)?: Etisalat, Du Warming up for International VoIP

Finally the international VOIP phone calling is going to be legalized in Dubai (UAE) / Gulf by the end of the year 2009,

…perhaps one of the most demanding world region which needs VOIP calling badly but almost all the international VOIP providers are banned to operate from the land of UAE including the VOIP King Skype and also Yahoo Voice VOIP etc too,

Etisalat and DU are the main UAE telcos and many of these are the main players forces / blocking VOIP calling from Dubai as they were facing losses of revenues, it is also said that even the UAE operators are also 'charging' a fee' for the violation from the guys, who try to use the VOIP via VPN route.

Thus Gulf / UAE customers opt only for the UAE telcos like Etisalat or DU and are paying them the heavy charges for making international call and are unable to use international VOIP cheap call or free Skype to Skype unlimited video voice calls,

Gulf News reported that UAE's Telcoms Regulatory Authority (TRA) is already in discussions with UAE's above two main telcos for making international VOIP / Internet calling to be legalized,

If the web calling or IP calling or Internet calling or simply VOIP (voice over internet protocol) gets legalized in this Gulf region than people living there would have lots of benefit to make free to low cost international call from UAE / Dubai, as a big workforce of foreigners lives in Dubai for work and they have to make phone call to their home very frequently which includes big number of Indian and Pakistanis living in UAE, they could save big money by UAE VOIP legalized,


Skype for Linux Maemo: Nokia-N900 - Mobile Computer (Internet Tablet)

Skype the VOIP for Linux Maemo OS: Nokia-N-900 - mini Mobile Computer (Internet Tablet) is now coming...

The VOIP King Skype is coming with Linux Maemo OS on new Nokia N900 Internet tablet, so one can always talk free unlimited with friends, family with Nokia N900 (which have Maemo operating system / software) as we know Skype to Skype means FREE anywhere to anywhere unlimited international / national long-distance call, To use Nokia N900 (Linux Maemo os) just you need the 3G or a Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity,

This is really good news for the VOIP-Skype lovers, and also for the cool handy gadgets or Nokia fans / lovers who do not mind spending some extra Dollars,

Additionally, Om Malik confirmed that the VOIP Skype is coming to the latest Nokia N900 'mobile computer' its more than an ordinary cellular phone or mobile or any PDA, the new Nokia N900 will have the LINUX MAEMO as its operating system (the Linux Maemo operating system by Finnish giant on Nokia N 900 is coming),

This new Maemo device, the Nokia N900 (with Linux Maemo OS) with Skype VOIP functionality embedded on it will hit the North American markets soon or by the late October 2009 end,

What is Maemo OS:

According to the Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia:

"Maemo is a software platform developed by Nokia for smart phones and Internet Tablets.[1] It is based on the Debian operating system.
The platform comprises the Maemo operating system and the Maemo SDK, Maemo's default screen is the "Home" screen..."


Google's Free Wi-Fi Surfing, Virgin America Flights

Virgin Airline and Google, the Web search technology company are giving away the USA Holiday Travelers the Gift of Connection with Free Gogo inflight WIFI Inflight Wi-Fi Internet:

Google's Free Wi-Fi Surfing, Virgin America Flights

The official Google Blog reports that for the coming US holiday season, the search engine King The Google and the Virgin America have shaken their hands to provide the Virgin's passengers-on-board the free Wi-Fi hot spot facility during the flight on all of the Virgin planes, it means one can surf internet for free in sky, courtesy Google and Virgin Airlines,

Details of the Google-Virgin America free in-flight Wi-Fi service Internet on - board partnership can be viewed here:

PS: The TOS disallows the VOIP applications, viz and as as Skype, as to manage the bandwidth and also to prevent the sound of airplanes' engines from being drowned out by talkative fliers ...


Free Phone Call: Google Voice For Life

Google Voice (previously known as as Grand central, the basic idea around Google Voice / GrandCentral is to have only one and only one consolidated - unique phone number for all of your phones, for whole of the life, irrespective of the telcos or phone carriers) is Google's Voice calling services which provides free phone calling within the continent of US, and free phone call to the Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, many more new countries are adding fast to the free calling list of Google Voice,

Google Voice uses the technology to consolidate / or link the collection of several phone numbers, Google Voice, simply is a Phone System by Google!

The Google Voice permits its users to consolidate their home, office and cell phone numbers by forwarding the voice data via a centralized Google phone number. It also records the voice mail and sends written transcripts of the messages to its users. The best is that Google Voice provides the free calling within the U.S., and free phone call to the Canada, Alaska and Hawaii from USA,

Google Voice Getting Started Guide:

Google Voice also have Call Widgets / API / Applet so one may permit his users to make a phone call facility to him, from his website or blog just by embedding the Google voice call widget, your site traffic than can click the Google voice widget > enter their phone number > Google Voice than will call them and also connect their call to your Google Voice number!

How To / Learn Google Voice Free Call with YouTube Video:

So Google voice is essentially that FREE phone number, which is yours forever for whole of the life – and you can always switch service providers without any worry, also your Google voice phone number can send and receive text messages / sms,

Google Voice phone service consolidates voice calls to your cell, home, office, or wherever you dictate it, Google voice can take any message and can stores it for you online, Google voice can also link to one's Gmail contacts, that’s why one can just look up his number and just click the dial button to place a free local phone call.

No contracts, no monthly fees, no PAYG (pay as you go), no fine prints etc to make a free phone call within USA, or from USA to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii etc, its Google!

The voice Phone call from USA to other countries is billed at the per-minute rate as listed here:

With Google Voice, the Google’s VOIP service, the sending and receiving a sms / text messages is free, one can take the advantage of sending free text with his Google Voice number instead of his cellular phone number, Google voice also allows to make conference calling, records phone calls, Goole Voice or G Voice provides for the phone numbers in any area Zip code you need,

Google Voice is by an invitation only, and Google permitted now to invite friends and family to the guys who already are using the Google Voice service.

If you know anybody having a Google Voice phone number, just request him for an invite to join Google's – the Google Voice and start making free phone call in US and to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii from US of A!


AT&T Loophole + Google Voice = Free Calls On Your iPhone

TPad, Local Access DID Numbers: Make / Receive Unlimited International Call From Norway and 21+ Countries At Local Rates VOIP has local access DID phone numbers (Tpad Break-In Numbers) in more than 20 countries and these local access DID numbers allows the international phone callers to use the Tpad's VOIP network using any normal landline or cellular phone and all this just for the cost of a local call. These DID phone numbers are normally at local rate so permits your contacts to make a call to you on your Free Tpad access number from any normal phones at low cost / cheaply,

Tpad's Unlimited International Free Inter-Company VOIP Calls:

Tpad VOIP also has a solution for businesses, and the business can make a Free Call between global offices, no matter where the offices located, by using TPad's VOIP business solution anybody can let his business and offices benefit from making free international calls, it does not matters where the offices or businesses are located in the World.

How to Dial Free International VOIP call with TPad:

TPad, Pakistan Local Access DID Numbers: Make / Receive Unlimited International Call from Pakistan At Local Rates:

List of countries where Tpad's local access VOIP-DID numbers are available:

AUSTRALIA Melbourne 03 90018685
AUSTRALIA Sydney 02 90372744
BAHRAIN National 0 16199009
BELGIUM Brussels 02 7470254
CANADA Edmonton 780 628 7790
CANADA Toronto 1 (647) 723 3640
CANADA Vancouver 1 (778) 785 4211
CZECH REPUBLIC Prague 02 46019148
DENMARK National 77345753
FRANCE Paris 01 72898101
HUNGARY Budapest 01 9994901
IRELAND Dublin 01 6575613
ITALY Milan 02 40042015
ITALY Rome 06 99268160
MEXICO Mexico City 055 11689854
NETHERLANDS Amsterdam 020 8908243
NEW ZEALAND Auckland 09 4427385
NORWAY Oslo 02 1543295
PAKISTAN: Login to manage account to view the Paksitan numbers.
POLAND Warsaw 022 3988047
SPAIN Barcelona 93 3905484